Glenn Hughes Live in Sydney

  • Intersting to see Jimmy Barnes singing "Gettin' Tighter, while Glenn is playing bass guitar!

    The Intro to "You Keep On Moving" is phenomenal!!!

    thanks for these great videos :clapper:

    Thanks also to kluasklaus for the great audio link. Very good quality mp3!!!!



    OK, OK.
    Everybody wants Glenn to sing ONLY the new stuff.
    But with "YKOM" it's ALWAYS new, always a different version.
    Glenn never sings that fantastic opening the same way twice.
    And being a bass player (and not too shabby none, either)
    Glenn can finagle that hypnotic bass opening any way that he wants.....
    ........the revenge of "the bass player".

    Maybe, Glenn just ENJOYS singing that particular song, as much as I love listening to it.
    Or maybe he's afraid of what will happen to him if he drops it from the song list.:axe:

    PS.....4 minutes and 40 seconds into it, and Glenn was just getting started.
    Great opening clip of YKOM.
    Thanks for posting even this small part of that song.
    Love it.:heart:



  • cheers hughesfan.
    I cant believe I forgot Glenn was coming to OZ this year. I was telling my cousin who is a fellow Purplehead and we both looking forward to finally seeing Glenn strut his stuff live.
    This clip will help take the edge off.
    thanks again.

  • It was a pleasure to see him live, hardlovinman, and my pleasure to put the clips here. I'll be heading up to Sydney when he comes back in 2007 as promised. Don't miss this one!!!


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