Glenn Hughes Live in Sydney

  • For those having troubles viewing - you need the latest version Windows Media Player installed - can be gotten from Microsoft's site.

    As Tony suggests, it's always better to download directly to your PC (right click, save as) vs. trying to stream from here directly (by just clicking the link). But keep in mind, this all works depending how your media player is configured on your PC - so it'll work for some and not for others. Also, Mac users need a plugin for the .wmv format to play.

    Shirean and I are out of town, so currently unable to help or convert to other formats, so can only offer those suggestions for now. But they play fine for us from here :cool: Thanks again to hughesfan :thumbup:

  • Folks, here's another one I managed to get sorted last night. Also, a funny bit of commentary when Glenn was talking between songs.

    I still have a couple more to do including Soul Mover and Getting Tighter with Jimmy Barnes on vocals. I'll also post a short excerpt from You Keep on Movin' but not the whole song due to a battery issue on the night.

    I am sorry to those people who are having trouble. I really want you to be able to share the experience.



  • Those are great - Thank you very much! :thumbup:
    The strings and Hammond Organ on Whiter Shade are phenomenal - I don't have to mention the singing, do I? :) :bow:
    What a teaser for the DVD! :eek:

    But actually I also have the (stupid) question of the day, I guess:
    Who's the keyboard player? :huh:




  • thank you hughesfan!thank you!thank you!thank you so much!

    those are great clips!!!great working!:claphands :clapper: :bouncer:

    and especially i love mistreated!

    glenn is 54 years old now....

    but he still amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54 years old man.....who can sing like a glenn did?:bow:

    glenn is truly voice of rock!!!


  • Again, absolutely oustanding performance and clips, hughesfan! This is exceptional! Thanks again for sharing these great moments!
    Would be really interesting to know who the keyboarder is. He did a great job too.
    Hearing the fat, swirling hammond organ sound is truely something I deeply miss on the new album, to be honest ....

    cheers, Achim

  • Keyboard player is Lachlan Doley. In great demand as a session player and you can see and hear why. You can find out more about him and his band if you check out this link

    Check out the sample of "Live and Breathe" available on the home page. For those that love the funky, bluesy, jazzy, late-night Glenn, this will tickle your fancy.


  • Thanks for the info.
    I listened to the song on their website and its GREAT!! Wow, deeply impressed by this!
    Hearing the fat clavinet, hammond and the smooth backings are something that brings me back to the good ole times...awesome.

    The style of playing reminds me a bit of the jazzy tunes by Vince di Cola, who was more than only an outstanding keyboarder who worked with Glenn on BTM.

    Interesting enough to see a picture of Kara Grainger on the website, which is a wonderful musician. On HER CD old chaps like Reggie McBride (Stevie Wonder & Tommy Bolin Band) were playing beside Gary Ferguson on drums (GH drummer occasinally and on some albums).

    Very interesting relations....

    cheers, Achim

  • Hi Hughesfan

    Thanks very much for the videos - downloaded Frail, which was great & just doing another couple. Great quality.

    Ben :thumbup:


    Ben !!

  • Violins and cellos during "Mistreated"?
    JJ brilliantly playing in a Pat Methany-sounding style?
    Extra richness from the keys?
    Being able to hear each note from "the bass player"?

    The usual, commonplace, ( :lol: ) GH singing?
    This is probably the finest version of "Mistreated" that I've ever heard.
    Who do I have to kill to get a CD or video of this show?:axe:

    PS........Thanks so much for posting all of this, hughesfan.:thanx:



  • These are F:bouncer:N:bow:A:eek:T:thumbup:C!

    Don't Frail and This House sound superb? And to think Glenn sang Mistreated just for me? (I wish :p ). Can't wait to see and hear your clip of You Keep On Movin' ... just for Grace. ;)

    Certainly up close and personal on this one - my kind of venue.

    Thanks very much for all your hard work Mark - brilliant viewing.

    ... is it September yet?? :bow: :bow: :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Thank you for this absolutely fantastic videos!

    There's no doubt, that Glenn is and will alwys be the best singing bassplayer of all times!!!

    I can't wait for "Soul Mover" and "Gettin' Tighter".



  • Hallo Achim,

    ich habe dass komplette Konzert schon im DP-Hub als Adio mp3 heruntergeladen. Trotzdem Danke für Deine Mühe.



  • Friends,

    Here is Soul Mover. Bit shaky in parts and a couple of great shots of the back of the photographer's head. Aside form that its not too dusty.

    Sensational vocal work from Glenn (hmmm, no surprise there) and a nice bit of face pulling too. Hope to put Getting Tighter up soon. But a word of warning about You Keep on Movin. I ran out of battery power quite early in the song so, tragically, I only have the smallest bit. :( (Sorry Grace)

    Enjoy this though.


  • Hey there thanks heaps for the awesome posts it brought back great memories of that incredible night

  • This is the last of it. Sorry about the abrupt finish to the last song but I take comfort from the fact that there were "official" camera guys there and so the whole show is preserved for posterity anyway.

    I am glad so many of you enjoyed these clips and now there's only one thing left to say.... bring on 2007 and the full band M4TD tour.


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