Frusciante Written Track?

  • When Glenn first announced plans for M4TD I remember reading that John Frusciante had written a song it. I just found the artical and Glenn says "John has written a song specifically for me."

    Does anyone know what became of this? Glenn also mentioned that he hadn't heard the song at that point, so maybe he never did.

    Frusciante is one of my favourite song-writers and I was really looking forward to hearing what he'd written and I was a bit dissapointed to find it wasn't there (unless it is, but he couldn't get a writing credit?).

    In fact I was hoping that there'd be a little more JF on the album, esspessially in the vocal department.... oh well, maybe next time!

  • Take a good listem to SA, John can Sing, he is also probably one of the most imaginative guitarists around right now.

    "Its not how many notes you play but how you play them"

  • Quote from jerklund

    I'm sure that Chad is the best singer in Chili Peppers...and he is wise enough to keep his mouth shut during concerts...


    Ouch! I'm not a big fan of Anthony's "singing" either and John's constant backing is kind of annoying at times. But that being said...the Chili's are what the Chili's are. Listen or don't. IMO the drums are always on...:cool:

    As for them on Glenn's albums, I think John is wise enough to know that Glenn can handle the vocals on his own ;) And JJ is perfectly placed and extremely capable.

    I personally don't get all the hoopla about John and his guitar playing but be careful where you say that...there is a massive legion of vicious John fans that are sworn to protect and defend him to the death. (I think there might be a few in here now-a-days.)

  • Hey Jerk land..
    Your starting to piss me off..
    Try not to live up to your name.
    i dont care if the peppers are not your cup of tea,
    but let's support big daddy ok?

  • whatever he said its gone now -jerklund be cool -if you dont like the peppers or glenns new cd its up to you but dont jump on his friends - the guys trying to help him succeed -(i only have a few songs but still say i like them the best so far):bow: :bow: :bow:

  • John told me he had written a song he thought would be perfect for glenn's voice.
    He records all his ideas on a mp3 recorder...when he went back to find it, he could'nt.
    There is a song we all wrote together, which will see the light of day down the road along with the other songs from the Divine sessions. Stay tuned Beese :thumbup:

  • Ahhh excellent, I greatly look forward to it.

    I just love John as a singer aswell as a guitarist and I think that particularly TIHIF could have benifited from some backing vocals to give it some depth.

    Everyone should check out John's solo material, and by that I mean his rescent solo material. The stuff he did while he was killing himself is hard to listen to, but the material he does know IMO is more imaginative and honest than any other singer-songwriter around.

    I would definitely say that he is a technically better vocalist than Anthony Keidis, but Anthony has a certain carisma that embodies the RHCP and John's voice is used to great affect with the harmonies.

  • Good evening,

    There have been numerous comments about the alleged vocal deficiencies of one Anthony Kiedis but let's look at what really counts. Anthony may not have the octave vaulting range of a Rob Halford or the chesty roar of a David Coverdale....but so what?? His voice fits the Peppers material like a well worn favorite pair of jeans. Everyone in that band brings something so important to the table....Flea's funkified bass playing, Chad's locomotive dead on the money grooves, John's deft,imaginative chops and Anthony's words and dynamic stage presence.

    Take those four ingredients and you have pure magic. You don't have to be the king of your instrument or the most powerful singer ever to draw is the individual personalities and talents that combine to form that musical whole.

    There's a reason why bands as diverse as Blind Faith,KGB and Beck Bogert Appice never lasted more than an album or can't manufacture chemistry by slapping together a bunch of "superstars". It can't be faked. my soapbox for tonight.....

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Bill, I am totally with you on the subject of AK. Anthony is the face and voice of the Chili Peppers. I remember in the late 70's a certain Ozzy Osborne was being slated as someone who wasn't good enough to lick the boots of the likes of Plant and Gillan. OK he is not as versatile but played to his strengths and found a tone which is instantly identifiable in Sabbath and beyond. The rest is history.

    In the case of the Chilis, By The Way was undoubtedly the most "together" album that the Chilis have produced. Anthony never attempted to move away from his comfortable yet expressive register. The result was a thoughtful album with all the members working as a team to mould the songs.

    The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. All the most successful bands are.

  • Quote from Gustavo Martins

    Uhmm.... Funny, I always thought that frusciante was a terrible singer... !
    JJ is a great one !

    Frusciante is a very technically able singer. He's not necesserily everyone's 'cup of tea' though.

    If you've heard his vocals on To Record Only Water For Ten Days or his previous solo albums, then I could quite understand the 'terrible' comment. His vocals on those albums are painful to listen to.

    But since he's cleaned himself up he's taken a lot of singing lessons and has improved it infinately.

    He's very versatile, and has a great range, he's also a fairly powerful singer (if not in Glenn's league). Listen to some of his rescent solo albums or to Stadium Arcadium, his vocal performances on those albums are great.

    Still his voice is not always accessable, but I find his vocals and his lyics to be some of the deepest I've ever heard.

  • Amen to that :claphands

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Agreed. And really, Ozzy does get knocked often for not being a technical or even a very good singer. But he has hit some hi notes. Just trying to sing Crazy Train is very difficult. That sucker is high!!!! Last night I was listening to Flying High Again and he hits some high notes on that one. Sure, imitating Ozzy is something I would never want to do, and I get no real singing inspiration from his voice, but he wasn't exactly a no range no talent. And his voice is always instantly recognizable and unique in it's own right.


  • I would like to hear that too. I love alot of his solo stuff too, especially the will to death. I saw the peppers at earls court in july, and he did how deep is you love as his solo, and i loved it! I had such a great time at that show, it was great to hear the new stuff live, and nobody weird like me, and the teeny bit of london calling! Hopefully I'll be able to see glenn live next year too!

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