Nosturi, Helsinki

  • Glenn Hughes 9.6.2001 Nosturi

    Hi all,
    this is kinda small story about what I felt, saw and heard during Glenn Hughes's first ever Finland show.

    Ben Granfelt, vocalist/guitarist of the support band said:"the first song is a classic and after that there is no bad songs on the setlist" and he was right.

    After Tonio Neuhaus, Glenn's tour manager had introduced "the voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes"
    band went straight to "Stormbringer". During the show I didn't even notice that there was no Jon Lord playing his parts, I was so concentrated in hearing just Glenn's parts. JJ played good solo to the song using his wah wah pedal with style!!!

    Just a drop of water for Glenn from Tonio and straight to "Muscle and Blood", the only Hughes/Thrall song of the evening. It's awesome how Glenn sings choruses, it sounds like there is many singers - of course JJ and perhaps even Shane sings too but their vocals aren't really audible. The ending of that song: " I a Maaaaaaaan, made of Muscle and Blooood" chills went up and down my neck.

    Glenn apologized his Finnish fans 'cos he hasn't been here before, it's his management's fault - thanks went also to Deep Purple and Deep Purple fan club geezers and after his short speech he started another song written by himself and Coverdale "Might Just Take
    Your Life". Now I missed Jon Lord, but only for a second or two, Glenn started to sing and I thought "David who?". A bit funkier version than Whitesnake's but went well to the audience which started singing along.

    "State I'm in" followed, song about Glenn being transported from his LA house to a space ship. Really rocking version, this song has really grown since R.O.C.K. album.
    Later I was a bit disappointed 'cos Glenn didn't do "Gone" or "No Stranger To Love" 'cos I think Tony Iommi is Glenn's best writing partner, but during the song I was just happily singing along "...take me higher, to the staaaate I'm iiiiiiin....".
    I was in a "state of GH-funk" and WHAT a place that IS!!!???!!!

    A little commercial break: Glenn tuned his new, blue, French Vigier bass which is his size -
    and which really suited him well. Nice sounding bass too.

    Glenn introduced "Medusa" as a song that Jon Bonham of Led Zeppelin helped him to write.
    Song went to Jon in heaven. Really emotional start and then to that great piece of -
    such I even say - progressive rock.
    My friend who hasn't heard Trapeze before was really amazed and wanted to borrow my CD's.
    I wished him good luck in finding them from record stores or from internet, those CD's are
    my treasure, especially after Glenn singed them, I won't borrow them to anyone!

    Our Trapeze lesson continued with "Seafull". I have to admit that I didn't remember that song so well, but it went down to the audience alright.
    I think I should write more about this lovely, heavy, interesting song but I can't since I just listened, watched Glenn sing and really enjoyed music...I quess this is what live music is about it makes you forget reality, your troubles and hard times.
    Later I think this was the highlight of the show.

    "You're the music...we're just the band" - started the funk part of the show. I know that Finns and tough guys specially don't dance, but now everyone was just at least moving their bodies in a really, really funky way. Straight to "Way back to the bone" which was the last Trapeze song. Glenn is the Mr. Funk, but he has really developable disciples in JJ and

    Now I noticed how hot Nosturi was, everyone was sweating - or was it music that made us hot?

    Glenn thanked our Purple fan club once more and Purple part of the show started. First
    Deep Purple medley: Owed to G - Sail Away - What's Going on Here"-Getting Tighter -
    California Jam jam, Dance to the Rock'n'Roll really funky, JJ played with very Tommy Bolinish style and Glenn's bass was just F.U.N.K.Y!!!

    After short break Shane played the intro to "You Fool No One" just like Ian Paice used to,
    so now he also is accepted by Purple People too...:)

    I think now everyone in the audience, even the worst singer was singing along with Glenn, doing their best Cal Jam imitations. Again it is kinda funny -I don't even remember how David used to sing this song - it's Glenn's now. In the end of the song JJ got his first solo spot - he played something kinda between
    Bolin and Blackmore with some funky licks with Glenn in addittion. JJ's real solo for that song with the band went really well too - it was 74 and it was
    Cal Jam or Kilburn, London again...:)

    After that Glenn introduced the band: Shane Gaalaas - the funkiest new drummer in the world - I agree and swedish JJ Marsh. (JJ it is OK to be a swede in Finland - isn't it?)

    "This is a song that David Coverdale and myself wrote" You Keep On Moving started with familiar hi-hat and I got lump in my throat and tear in the corner of my eye. ..this was the moment I've been waiting since 1986 when I first heard Glenn's voice on
    Black Sabbath, Seventh Star. Really touching and strong version at the same time. And the audience was wiping their eyes and singing as loud as they possibly can.

    Glenn is sooooo good, but hats off to JJ on this song, the guy really can play!!! Silent parts, loud parts, Tommy's solo - you name it and he plays it.
    Next time when Finns beat Swedes on hockey, I think about your playing!!!

    That was the end of the set, but we knew more was to come...

    "please make some noise for Glenn Hughes" demanded Tonio and we did.
    Band came back and Glenn asked what we wanna hear
    - well I could think many songs, but the most obvious has to be:

    Now Finns went just crazy - whole Nosturi was upside down, jumping, singing, hugging each other - friend and neighbour, there was a smile on everyone's face, ear to ear!!!
    Personally I just remember being SO happy -as happy as at my weddings - it was so incredible feeling. And then suddenly everything stopped - I knew that now they were going to do a verse of Mistreated, we were being treated so well. JJ played his second solo,
    teased the audience a bit and then went to the famous riff of the song. There was something like 400 air guitar Ritchie's playing the riff...then back to "Burn" and because this was the last song of the evening, there was no reason to spare anyone's
    voice - everyone was screaming his or her face red.

    Exhausted but so happy we now start waiting Glenn's return to Finnish shores, perhaps
    next time 2 or 3 shows and to much bigger audience. I know that word has spread how
    good the show was and how well Glenn still sings.

    -this was first published at Glenn Hughes' website.
    story by Jerklund

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