Nights In White Satin - Different Versions??

  • Can anyone tell me if there is any differences between the versions that are on Soul Mover (Aussie), Stealth Soundtrack and Music For The Devine?

    Many Thanks


  • Hi,

    can't give you any info on the Soul Mover Aussie version, since I don't have it, and I haven't played the other two versions simultaneously yet, but after a couple of listens of the new version on M4TD it sounds like...

    ... the acoustic guitar is now (more) audible
    ... lead guitar and backing vocals are higher in the mix
    ... the hi-hat is now audible clearly

    So basically you get a clearer and more polished if you like version, that now really shines, especially if you compare it to the slightly muddy mix on the stealth Soundtrack.

    Anyone else?




  • Thanks / Dankeschön Chris,

    I would like that the version of Misty mountain Hop that Glenn recorded was the bonus track, anyway N.I.W.S. remixed is also a good bonustrack.

    I will have to buy the japanese release of M4TD also :confused:



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