• Hello,
    where are all the M4TD reviews? Someone must have bought that album...:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    (I can find it here in Finland though...have to make some phone calls on Monday...:mad: )


  • Hi,

    just picked it up today. (Tero: from Free Record Shop, Jkl) I'll post my first impressions as soon as I get to listen to it.

  • Wateing for mine as well.... I thought (hoped) it would be here for the weekend, put it on the I pod and be able to Ride with Glenn... wait a little longer..

  • Got mine on Thursday in HMV in Blackburn - 2 other copies on the rack.

    Am still listening to it and am undecided......there's elements of a modern day Trapeze in there, but..........may take a few more listens for final conclusion.

  • Hi Chris...keep spinning that new CD. I think it will finally click with you. It's maybe not as straight-up funky as you like, but I think it will grow on you.

    By the way....where have you been hiding lately? ;)


  • Hi Chip

    Haven't been anywhere just busy with work and wedding plans and step-grandkids and....and....and.... you know...stuff!!!!

    Hope all is well with you !!! :thumbup:

    I shall keep the faith and the CD in the player!

  • Ali and Emma, i ordered form amazon and still waiting too.
    they said expect it between 16th and 19th but they havent even sent it yet. knew i should have stuck with play.com

  • Got an e-mail yesterday saying it has been shipped so hopefully today/tomorrow.

    Hope so coz I'm going away Thursday and I'd like to listen to it on the journey!

  • Well I got mine at last!! Only had a quick spin last night so didn't get to hear it properly but what I did listen to sounded great - loved Steppin' On and Monkey Man. Nights in White Satin sounds wonderful.

    Glenn's voice sounds amazing.

    Certainly brightened up my trip to Sainsburys!!

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