New The Lizards album

  • uAU Cactus again on the road!!! you have a very good luck to see Cactus! I'm sure that was incredible! I hope Cactus goes on and will record the new album or will publicate this concert on cd or dvd.
    Know you something about this? Know you if cactus goes on the road?


  • Hi Tero,
    i'm very sorry that i don't' see you in sweden but when i see you.... you are in the "Photo-Zone"......

    For me the Best Show was:
    Cactus :bow: :bow:
    Journey :bouncer:
    Gotthard :clapper:

    ..............and Whitesnake of course :D :D :D (not for the voice, but for the songs.....)

    BEAM !!!!!

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I can't belive it!!! A new studio album of cactus!!! OH my god!!! :bouncer:this is a real good news for me!! I love this men!! only one more question for you: the singer is :singer:peter french at the time? and you know any website where I can stay on tune with them tours and the new album?
    thanks for this great news, I LOVE YOU!!! :bow:


  • Check this out: singer is Jimmy Kunes - ex-Savoy Brown. He has worked with some Black Crowes members too...

    New album will be out July 28th.

    Here's tracklist from promo copy

    Doing Time
    Muscle And Soul
    Cactus Music
    The Groover
    Hit The City
    Nite To Days
    Livin' For Today
    Electric Blue
    Brothers Keeper
    Blues For Mr. Day
    Gone Train Gone
    Jazzed I have to mention that this album ROCKS!!!???!!! handles promotion in Spain.

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • It's a great to hear that Glenn will sing on the next Lizzards album
    :bouncer::bouncer::bouncer: Does anyboby know when it will be released?



  • No actual release date confirmed at the moment, but Randy will be adding a News update to any day nowwww, which will talk about the album, the Cactus shows and lots of other stuff. Also, the recent Press Release about the album is linked from the Press page, for anyone who missed it on the music news sites.

  • GLENN HUGHES Revealed As 'Mystery Guest' On New THE LIZARDS CD - June 13,
    >Legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) has
    >been revealed as the "mystery guest" on the the new THE LIZARDS CD,
    >"Against All Odds", due later in the year. Hughes lends his dynamic vocals
    >on four tracks on "Against All Odds". In addition, he has recorded bass and
    >vocals on a cut that will be set aside for future release.
    >Glenn, who sang lead vocals on BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi's last
    >solo CD ("Fused") and is about to release a new solo album of his own,
    >stated about the LIZARDS recordings, "They were the best sessions I've ever
    >done outside my own music!"
    >THE LIZARDS, who feature in their ranks Bobby Rondinelli (BLUE ÖYSTER CULT,
    >RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH) and Mike DiMeo (RIOT), recently completed several
    >successful tours of the USA and Europe with the likes of the VANILLA FUDGE,
    >UFO, IAN HUNTER, MOUNTAIN and CANNED HEAT, in support of their third album,
    >last year's critically acclaimed "Cold Blooded Kings".
    >"Against All Odds" began life in the group's private studio, aptly
    >christened Electric Randyland, in mid-2005. Along with Rondinelli and
    >DiMeo, THE LIZARDS bassist Randy Pratt and guitarist Patrick Klein
    >painstakingly wrote and recorded 10 new songs, many of which are destined
    >to become regulars in the band's live repertoire. Likewise, the
    >arrangements incorporated into the music are intricate, compelling and
    >downright rocking! Even real horns and strings were used in the mix! "I
    >think we're evolving," says Bobby Rondinelli, "going deeper into our roots,
    >but also taking it to new places? I think the CD will surprise people."
    >In recent news, THE LIZARDS have performed a series of U.S. dates with
    >guitar legend ULI JOHN ROTH and British classic rock heroes 10 YEARS AFTER.
    >Likewise the band is putting the finishing touches on their third live DVD,
    >shot last year in Europe, as well as finishing a CD of hard rock covers
    >(both projects slated for a summer 2006 release). On a similar note,
    >bassist Randy Pratt will appear in an upcoming issue of Bass Guitar
    >magazine, which will feature a full-photo spread of his unique bass
    >collection. Pratt can also be heard blowing his harp on the
    >soon-to-be-released CACTUS CD, featuring Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert.
    >Also, Mike DiMeo has lent his powerful vocals to RIOT's forthcoming album,
    >called "Still Alive".

  • Maybe there could be a BBA reunion ?:rolleyes::bow:
    Any chance to hear Glenn singing with the Lizards should be out of this world great. Bobby Rondinelli only works with the toppest of top-shelf musicians and vocalists.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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