World Cup 2006

  • Ok everyone, this years competition starts today :bouncer:

    They certainly chose the right day to kick things off :singer:

    Obviously I'll be rooting for England, but how about you? Hopefully we'll do better than the last one, it's certainly looking hopeful. It's a 9:00am kick-off tomorrow from where I'm sitting for their first game against Paraguay, so will have a brew or two by the time the final whistle blows :p

    For those in the States, you can check-out the schedule and TV listings by visiting this link:…SC/WorldCup/TVscheduleENG
    Good luck to everyone, will see you in the final :D :claphands

  • And for those of us who were born and raised in the USA or Canada, the Stanley Cup :clapper: and NBA FInals:claphands are in full swing, Baseball:bouncer::bouncer: is nearing the All-Star break and Training Camps for the NFL :D:D open shortly.

    I dare say I will be forced to miss the World Cup due to total lack of interest or knowledge...:confused:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Quote from David

    Jeez, only on eBay I guess :rolleyes:

    Can't think where there might be a shortage of fans, well maybe here Stateside, eh Frank :D

    Now that is funny David.
    OK, I don't understand the rules, the thrill or anything else, but I will cheer for Italy just so I am allowed into the conversations!!!
    Just cannot beat that call

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hi David & all

    Underway & (for once) a 'lively' opener :) (well seemed it while I was listening on the car radio on the way home last night).
    Not so excited by the evening's game, Poland & Ecuador (that'll teach the Poles for leaving Jerzy 'Windmill' Dudek out of the squad ;) ) I hope all the rest of the Liverpool players do well in their respective country's teams (unless they play England, of course ;))

    Can you expect a decent level of coverage in the US media, David?


  • Quote from FCinnella

    Just cannot beat that call

    Hope that isn't from the Paraguay commentators this afternoon,Frank!! :eek:

  • Quote from Ben

    Can you expect a decent level of coverage in the US media, David?


    Yeah, it's a lot better these days than it used to be. Ever since '94 when they hosted it here, there's been a lot more interest, at least on the International level. Before that, it was pretty much non-existant. We even get the Premier League games the same day they're played - what a concept!!

    Don't get me's not on primetime or anything, but at least it can be found on an English-speaking channel and at a decent time and not 4:30 in the morning, the way it was a few years ago :)

  • Totally agree, David. In Germany the commentators say that the people in the States do not indentify very much with this sport since its basically a team sport and that would be against the american way of thinking regarding "individualism" ect. ect.....not very convincing to me though....;)
    Since the World Cup is held in Germany, people (a lot of them...) are totally crazy about it. Big parties with big screens are held outdoors in front of pubs ect., people are driving around in their cars waving flags out of the windows and lots do put a flag on top of the roof of their house. In europe, especially Germany, Italy or England ect. Soccer (...or how we say "football") is very much popular, a kind of a national sport. Nevertheless, I have never been so much into it, concering the national or european division soccer. World Cup is different, of course. It´s a bit more exciting. It´s a bit like watching "Wimbledon" tennis game 20 years ago with chaps like Borg, McEnroe or Becker......only multiplied by 100 :cool::cool::cool:


  • Thanks Wolfysmith! I think we can use your support... Summer has started as well so tomorrow against Serbia & Montenegro I hope to have a good BBQ - Football afternoon. Goodluck today English and Swedish fans!

    - Fedor

  • Ben & David,

    I think I heard this announcer on ESPN said that between them and ABC-TV, every match will be televised.

    Where's the smilie icon scoring a goal? ;)


  • I'm laughing my brains out,
    at the fact that there were 31 bids for this "item"
    before "it" sold for $15.44. Incredibly, incredibly funny..............

    But luckily, for the people who didn't "win" the bidding,
    it appears that there is a similar item for sale:


    in a nice "snappy-looking" yellow color, to wear on your wrist,
    and the bidding is only starting at the bargain price of: 99 cents.
    And it's listed as having magical powers, too. Whoda' thunk it?

    (And I thought that we Glenn Hughes Crazy People were crazy.)
    (At least we don't paint our faces deep purple, or do we?) :eek:

    Good luck to all the World Cup teams!

    PS, did you find that "fan" on Ebay?

  • The "Finnish Plan" was great, Tero, :lol:
    but based on the recent post about the slightly cool weather there,
    maybe Finland needs the playing field to be covered in six feet of snow.
    A raging blizzard would be nice, too.

    PS.......That lucky rubber band to wear on your wrist,
    to help your country win the World Cup (that's for sale on E bay)
    is Ebay #: 8826422378

    I hope that this works.......…RCOSI_VI_ROSI_PR4_PCN_BIX


  • Quote from tony g

    we got beat down - violated- we was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's funny Tony :lol:

    I didn't expect the US team to win anyway. I don't know how they were ranked 5th in the world playing like that.


  • The USA team dont seem to have as good a squad as a few years ago Chip. Dont know why. you'd have thought after hosting the world cup there would have been loads of talent appearing but there arent many US players playing over here at the moment. At least your press doesnt think you can win.
    England vary from best to worst team in the world each match according to the "experts" here. Just wait till Rooney plays. talk about ridiculous expectation/hype levels. you'd think we had no other players and that he was Pele, Maradona, and Van Basten rolled into one.

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