World Cup 2006

  • wolfysmith the chicago tribune had a two page spread on the world cup and predicted england the winner a columist also wrote that all our best athletes go to football basketball and baseball (i agree)

  • Yes, Fedor,

    This commercial could also serve as a good training film

    for the Glenn Hughes fans in Australia.

    :bouncer2: :lol2::sint2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :lol2: :sint2: :bouncer:

    :hi5: :hi5: :ghcp: :hi5: :hi5:

  • Hackney, I was there in Kaiserslautern and the atmosphere in the city was just great. There was hardly any beer left in the pubs after the evening was gone....:D:D:D:D
    In Kaiserslautern are still a big number of american forces stationed so that´s one of the reasons they brought this game to this city. Last week I was there too when the Australians did their game and won 3:1 and it was amazing as well. It´s great to meet so many crazy but kind people.
    David, all the best to the english team, mate! I´m very disappointed from the french team though. Today at 4:00 in the afternoon (german time) Germany will have their next game against Ecuador. Let´s see what happens.

    cheers, Achim

  • Public opinion says that Hargreaves isn´t "beloved" by the english fans since he would not play in an british premier league club and is born in Canada. But good to see Rooney playing again, we will see what happens.
    Germany have just beaten Ecuador 3:0 and did quite a good match, I think. There will come stronger opponents, of course, but such a game is giving good self-confidence for the team.
    Will watch the english team playing this evening.
    I would love to see another match Germany vs. England :clapper: It is possible though....

    cheers, Achim

    P.S. 1966.....was definitely NOT a goal.....:D

  • Quote from schreinermusic

    P.S. 1966.....was definitely NOT a goal.....:D

    Oh, Achim da begibst du dich jetzt aber auf heikles Terrain! :D
    wolfysmith will hire Grace :axe: so better watch out for that axe...
    And don't forget, it's always the referee's decision, whether goal or not ;)

    In the meantime I keep collecting those points for guessing results right (exactly right :cool: ), to win that 1-week thermal holiday our company is giving away! :)
    I just got 600 points each for the 1:1 between Iran and Angola and the 2:1 win for Portugal against Mexico.
    My lucky day.


  • Hi Chris,

    ich weiss...sehr heikel......:D:D
    I just saw an english documentary which proved via computer animation and other things that it wasn´t a goal at all ....:D:D It´s just like GH sings..."Time will find the Answer".....:D:D:D:D

    I find this a very good competition at your company, mate. Good luck!

    Unfortunately, the match Netherlands vs. Argentina wasn´t really the bummer I was hoping for....

    Fedor, don´t be sad.....het zal wel loslopen...:thumbup:
    De beide teams speelden geen spannend duel.

    Press said when England played against Sweden there were over 85.000 Britains in Cologne and about 20.000 swedish people. Just amazing ....


  • Hi Chip

    Bit remiss of us not to reply but I think a lot of us 'Brits' are still wondering when we're gonna get a performance we can party to :)! - hopefully on Saturday, after the Portugal game - certainly looking forward to it :thumbup:

    (Note re 'Brits' - I've yet to come across anyone who is Welsh, Irish, or Scottish who doesn't support England's opposition for the day . Sad, but that's the way it seems!)

    Must say a word about the Aussies & sad to see them get knocked out by a dodgy penalty - played some great stuff over the tournament (Brazil game particularly) but just couldn't take their chances (Not that England have either!!)

    Let's hope some of the superstars left in the tournament can really turn it on now & live up to all the expectation (come on monsieur T Henry, you're better than that ;))



  • ...while you've mentioned Thierry Henry.....
    Another player from the French equipe is now officially immortal: Zinedine Zidane
    Who would have guessed that France, after their performance so far in the tournament, knocks out Spain???!!!
    But then again we will really have to watch out for that Spanish team in 2008 when the European Championship comes to Austria and Switzerland! :thumbup:

  • And come on Roonaldo!!

    I agree, here in the UK, the expectation is always much greater than the reality – let's hope that Saturday is the day we show the world what we can do. I have to say that back in '66 no one really expected us to beat Portugal in the semi-final, but what a performance. How things have changed – me and a group of pals were on holiday in the south of England and were running out to the car radio, between pints, to catch up on the radio commentry!! How thing have changed in 40 years.

  • Italy just beat Germany 2-0 in overtime and made it to the finals! YAHOO!

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • About time Germany ran out of luck... ;) (hallo Achim! :tongue: )

    Although I have to admit that the Germans played a surprisingly good tournament! I didn't expect that!

    But with all the really bad stuff going on in the Italian Seria A, it's well deserved for Italy even more.
    And don't forget - they have only received one single goal so far - and that was an own goal...

    So who are they going to meet in the final?

    My guess is France beats Portugal 2:1... and Italy takes the cup on sunday.

    Let's wait and see.


  • Oh yes, all the mess that's going on with the corruption...hopefully justice will be done. It is forseen that Juventus will be demoted to the C series (third division)...and as I am I die-hard FC Inter fan, you can imagine how I feel.

    I'm also predicting an Italy vs. France final. Zidane, though, has still got a lot to give (can't blame him for leaving Juventus a few years ago....Lord only knows what he saw going on......)

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Yes, I think its a well-needed "push up" for the italians to get a perspective regarding the scandal.

    Thanks Chris;), you´re right. We ran out of luck. In the end, Italy had a bit more of it. I also thought that during the game both teams were mostly equal, but Italy pushed up for avoiding the penalties. It´s not un-deserved though, but its always bitter to lose a game in the last 2 minutes, isn´t it?

    This is a young team and I´m looking forward to the European Cup in 2008. Maybe the Austrians find a way to come back into the international football world too:tongue::tongue:.

    Regarding the final match on Sunday, I expect it just as Chris said. Italy will get the cup.

    It´s only a game though ....

    cheers, Achim

  • Quote from schreinermusic

    It´s only a game though ....

    Well said:claphands

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

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