Japanese M4TD bonus track

  • Japanese bonus tracks are a complete con IMO.

    It's understandable if a different issue with extra material is released world wide, but when a different issue is releasedin one country then they're just milking the die-hard fans!

    I don't normally support illegal downloading, but in the case of these bonus tracks I'm all for it!

  • They weren't a complete con when it was the regular album tracklist plus a bonus track. As with Soul Mover it's a different version of the album and as a fan I'm now "forced" to buy two versions. The one with the European bonus track and the one with the Japanese bonus track.

  • Can answer this one myself, now that I'm holding the Japanese release in my hands... :bouncer2:

    The track is a 4:12 long, all acoustic take on This House (no drums or strings). Some studio chat here and there, Glenn's vocals are a bit too low in the mix and I think the words are unfinished.

    Actually, I'm glad they replaced NiWS with this rough version of This House. I don't think that NiWS fits M4tD since it's a cover and it wasn't recorded specifically for the album. I didn't quite get the idea behind taking an already released song and puting it on an album of new material, without making any substantial changes but doing a slight remix. To me M4tD makes more sense without NiWS than with it...

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