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  • ... and Pick of the month! When I saw the pic on the Frontiers' promotion link the other day I thought how :eek: Glenn looked (it's a girlie thing :p ). Really happy and healthy. I wonder why? ;) ... any chance of having this one for my desktop?

    And Pick of the month - 'Rose in Hell' from the Moonstone Project - this is meaty and funky and my kind of Glenn.

    And David - the video link of 'I Found A Woman' is pure class :thumbup:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • PS.... I still would give my right arm and first born male to be part of the "Next-Privite Show"... and I'll through in my dog..

  • Scott,
    Before you send off the package to Shirean and David,
    full of popular body parts :axe: and your pooch..........
    please believe me that the video clips that David posted here are
    UNBELIEVABLY like you were really there.

    Even though the room was of a large, wedding reception size,
    the acoustic set that Glenn sang was as intimate,
    and as close as possible to our long-hoped-for "Living Room Tour."
    (Being held in a very large living room though,
    you would have been seated about 30 feet away.)

    But let's face it, any video or DVD of a GH performance
    would make us GHCPs a bunch of happy puppies.

  • Quote from Grace

    But let's face it, any video or DVD of a GH performance would make us GHCPs a bunch of happy puppies.

    Correctomundo, Grace! Now, who could suggest GH the idea that doing a DVD in vein of Coverdale's "Starkers in Tokyo" would be sooo cool... A guitar and piano/synth maybe plus The Voice.

    Well, just have to wait and see what happens in GH world, so much going on. At this rate of creating new stuff, it's not only the artist who's about to need more than 24 hours/day... :)

  • I agree with you shirl, Glenn does looks very happy,healthy,and strong! He also looks very confident! As well he should! He has a lot to smile about theses days. Imho he's always had a lot to smile about.The man has talent,looks and charm! A true Icon and legend in his own right! I'ts just a shame that more people in this country are not aware of it!And we fans/ghcp get to pay the price.By that I mean no u.s.a. tour. One day hopefully people would stop obsessing about Brittany Spears' baby mama drama and get on board with real meaningful music! I can relax now that I'm off my soap box! :lol:

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