Rehearsing Sail Away

  • Since I´ve been forced to take part of a gig, which contains several classic rock cover bands, I´ve been rehearing some songs at my house, since I haven´t played them for a longer time now. This is a jamming on "Sail Away". Perhaps anyone likes it.


  • ...i listened to this's great fun: sounds like everyone is completely drunk....the solo in the end I like...if you release it, it might become a hit with the state of affairs in the music biz these days......

  • Thanks, Ad....indeed we were really drunk that night...:D
    I see there´s no way to hide this little fact though...;);)

  • This sounded pretty good to me, too.
    And there weren't any "alcohol fumes" coming out
    of the computer while I was listening to this.........:1:

    I wonder if (when Glenn listened to your singing of this song)
    he sang along with you and provided the original version harmony?

    Obviously, during any GH concert in Germany or Europe,
    if Glenn adds "Sail Away" to the set list,
    he'll know which GHCP he should ask to sing along with him.

    Yep, not too shabby none.


  • Thanks Grace, that´s very kind of you:)....
    As a matter of fact, "Sail Away" have always been my favourite track on the BURN album, beside the title track itself.
    Can´t await the ROCK OF AGES concert since I will be there, of course:D.

    cheers, Achim

  • Quote from schreinermusic

    the ROCK OF AGES concert since I will be there, of course

    Then in addition to wearing your GH t-shirt that says:


    you had better get busy making up
    THE BIG SIGN for you to carry at this concert:



    :sint2: :sint2: :sint2:

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