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  • Just found this older clip of "Smoke on the water", done by THE KING (some of you might recognise him doing "Come as you are" a few years ago with an amazing Elvis voice, its a singer from Ireland) and Michael Mittermaier, a german comedian. So if you ever wanted to get the chance hearing Mr. Presley doing "Smoke on the water", here it is...:D :D :D
    I had great fun hearing this....hahaha
    At the beginning, the King is asking "Are u ready Mr. Mittermaier" and he replies "The lebt", which means "The King...he lives!!!!!!!!" :D
    Best passage is when Mittermaier yells "Burn, disco fox dancer, burn".....:lol: :lol: :lol:

    Hard Rock Halleluja,

  • This may sound a little like a John H posting ;) , but believe it or not, I have seen The King live.
    Not alive of course, live in concert that is, and it was only The King aka James Brown (no kidding, that's his real name), originally a postman from Belfast who was discovered by a talent scout from EMI Germany at one of his Elvis impersonator gigs, got a 2 Album deal, toured through Europe, released one more Single for a TV commercial and disappeared again.
    The remarkable thing about the music on his albums was, that he only performed dead people's songs, but none from Elvis Presley, Elvis-style. Funnily enough he hid a version of That's Alright Mama on the first CD (hidden track!) and played it live on the Tour, where he also played Suspicious Minds.

    That's the story.

    Where was I? Yeah, I saw him live, early 1999 in a club here in Vienna, an after midnight show on invitation by EMI Music Austria.
    World class, guys, no kidding - that was one of the hottest shows I have ever seen!

    Thanks for posting this, Achim - he didn't play Smoke On The Water that night, and after a long and hard day at work this posting is more than welcome! Great memories!


  • Great post, Chris, as always. I always liked The King very much, great voice, amazing performance. I have parts of a live show on video from around 2000 when he played at german music tv station VIVA (Overdrive Concerts) and you really should have seen that. People went absolutely crazy since he is SO good.

    Very nice "SOTW" version, very smooth and relaxed. Didn´t know that one, thanks a lot, mate.

    After hearing this one, I´m quite sure you will also love this version, done by Pat Boone. It´s pretty much into the same vein.
    Posting "Smoke on the water" version No.749 from my archives ...:D :D

    Oh....wait...I see a fire in the sky...:lol:

    cheers, Achim

  • Hahaha!!! Great versions. I wonder if Gillan has heard The King's rendition, Elvis is his favorite singer... :)

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