Australia live dates in June - acoustic only

  • Quote from Aussie_Mike

    ^Very complimentary!!

    I've got my ticket!!!


    Brilliant - really excited for you :thumbup: :clapper:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • For those going to the Sydney show on Saturday, the 17th....

  • Haven't been here for a while but wanted to add my voice to the throng of excited people who'll be seeing Glenn in Oz. It is next weekend and my brother & I will both be there having been life long fans. I'll post a full report and anything else I can come by such as photos etc in the few days after I see the show.

    (a very excited) hughesfan :D

  • Quote from David

    GLENN is going to be live on the air on ABC Radio Australia at 10:35AM local time in Melbourne TODAY.

    You can tune-in over the web at

    Apologies for the late notice :) we just got word ourselves!

    David has just posted interview :cool:

  • According to the venue, The Basement in Sydney - GLENN will have a special guest joining him for the afternoon
    gig - Jimmy Barnes :cool:

    Not sure if that's exactly right, although his keyboard player will be playing with him and JJ - Jimmy has a gig later that night elsewhere, so it's great he's taking the time :thumbup:

  • Quote from David

    We're also hearing that the gig is actually being filmed for a DVD release

    :huh: ....the gig is actually being filmed for a DVD release.... :huh:

    Who can you possibly be referring to, David?
    We all know that this phrase is never used
    in connection with a Glenn Hughes performance.

    Boy, oh boy.

    Is "our boy" making up for lost time

    for his Australian fans, or what?

    Good show, Glenn :)

  • In case you missed it over at

  • According to a reliable source the Sydney show will be taped for a future DVD release under the banner of "Live at the Basement" These are an ongoing series of concerts recorded at the famous Sydney venue and later released by ABC records in Australia,although I suspect T2 ( Drew Thompson) will have something to do with it as well. Stay tuned!

    Not going to either show........boooooo, but Andrew from Melodic Rock webzine spoke to Glenn yesterday and he is totally syced up for his first shows in Oz scince 1974.

    Come to Brisbane next time GH :rolleyes:

    Hard Rock Pete.

  • Quote from David

    We're also hearing that the gig is actually being filmed for a DVD release in addition to the previously reported TV broadcast

    Well well... Wishes DO come true, at least in GH land. This is great news.


  • Hi,

    that's a fantastic new, Glenn with Jimmy Barnes!!!!

    I hope the DVD will have a worldwide release.

    Does anybody know if Glenn will sing or play with Jimmy Barnes?

    Why not Glenn - Jimmy Singing together? :bouncer::clapper::bow:



  • Great to see Glenn made it back to Australia, the past week or so, a couple of acoustic shows, and no doubt he thoroughly
    enjoyed both shows. Excellent to hear there may be a full blown
    show due the next few months. Also not too far off may be the
    remastering of "Stormbringer", which i understand will include
    3 vocal versions of "Soldier Of Fortune" a killer instrumental
    version of "Lady Double Dealer" and the x-rated version of
    "Stormbringer" where Coverdale opens with "Co-k Suc--r
    Mother Fuc--r", could this one be actually confirmed? mmmmmmmmmm sounds pretty interesting, great to see Glenn
    will be fully involved.

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