Australia live dates in June - acoustic only

  • GLENN looks set to head to Australia in the coming weeks. With writing sessions booked with Australian rock legend, JIMMY BARNES, negotiations are taking place for GLENN to play Australian dates.

    It looks set for the period 16th-20th June and will include Melbourne, Sydney and possibly 2-3 Queensland shows. The famous Sydney club, The Basement, is trying to free up a show day for either 17th or 18th June.

    Please note that these will be ACOUSTIC shows only and JJ Marsh will be accompanying him for Australian promotion purposes, so it is NOT the full band shows! They will be amazing, but it is NOT the Australian Glenn Hughes tour.....that is still being planned for a later date!

    So stay tuned for more details in the coming days.....


    Finally, we get a chance to see the man do what he does best!!!

    I am in a state of elation right now, knowing that GH/JJ will perform live AND be back, at a later time with a full band!!!

    Oh Happy Days!!


  • As I mentioned, further details will follow over the coming days. It's great JJ is able to join Glenn on the trip, you guys are in for a real treat that's for sure :cool:

    But remember, we'll expect a report or two from you :camera:

    You must be tired of seeing & hearing all the Euro it'll be your turn very soon:guitarist

  • Oh don't worry, there will be a report alright, not to mention as many pictures as I can take.
    I have had a crap day today, this news just turned it all around for me!


  • I really do hope they can fit in Brisbane. Promoted properly,GH & JJM will get a good turnout in BrisVegas. Even an acoustic set at the Hard Rock in Surfers :cool: would go down a treat.
    Drew, R U listening?


    Dont wanna fly to Sydney..........but I will if I have to !

  • I think so, too!!
    Glenn & JJ, please come to Japan!!

    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

  • Oh please do record/film these shows! Having seen the clips David posted earlier, I would certainly spend some to see a decent quality recording of these acoustic shows. I liked Coverdale's "Starkers...", Glenn should definitely do something like that, just an acoustic guitar and the voice.

    Do you think this could be done or is it always somewhat complicated? Maybe even just something for the GHCPs, it wouldn't have to be a polished product...

  • Bit of an update, although more will follow soon.

    There will be 2 acoustic shows - both will have very limited seating capacity, so you will need to get in early.

    The dates are:

    Saturday, June 17th - The Basement - Sydney (Afternoon show)
    Sunday, June 18th - Manchester Lane - Melbourne

    Ticket details will follow shortly.

  • tickets for the basement gig are on sale now.. about $55 all up per ticket from the basement website.

    purchased via the moshtix system.. never used it previously.. is your card validated/charged after it is swiped thru at the basement on the afternoon?? (doors open that day btw, band starts at 4.30pm.. whether that is support act or Glenn, dunno...)

    i'll be going down from brisbane for this gig.. can't wait!!

  • From news section - pretty cool :cool:

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