Gary Moore's new one

  • Although the blues format is wearing out its welcome and has been for quite some time now, there's no denying the fact that the playing on this record is so emotional that I really don't know what to say. Even by Gary's own high standards when it comes to emotion, I feel he's pushing it even further on this album. The kind of playing that almost makes you wanna cry. It connects with me that strongly :)

    Anybody else heard it? Todd? :)


  • Hello,
    I've got it, but didn't like it too much...I think he is still playing a bit too much like metal player...:huh:

    ...perhaps I've been listening to too much Porcupine Tree, Tool and King Crimson lately...nothing and no one can beat those bands...:) :) :) :)

    (well, perhaps certain screaming bass player :) :) :) :) ..)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • Yesterday I bought Moore's lastest DVD "A tribute to Phillip Lynott". That one I really liked but its not really his work. I did buy his rock album "Scars" a few years back. Im not really up to date what Gary is doing these days. So I assume he got a new album out.

    Is it worth buying? What does he play, (commercial :( ) blues or rock (like he should ;) )?

  • I heard the new material live before I heard the new album itself :p I think the new album has some of Gary's best performances, and the best production, since 'Dark Days in Paradise'. The new songs are quite good, the new versions of older songs are noticeably different and the covers are refreshingly well-chosen. No tired covers of standards like "Stormy Monday" here. Speaking of album covers, the new album boasts what I feel is Gary's second worst album cover, behind 'Blues for Greeny'. It makes the new album look like a "Best of..." compilation. Surely there was a more interesting concept presented at some point.

    Anyway, Daniel I agree with you about the music. The new album features some of Gary's most emotional, inspired playing. I can't see how even a casual fan of his playing would not be moved by the new album.


  • Todd: Don't you get the feeling when you listen to the improvised solo towards the end of You Know My Love that there isn't anyone even remotely close to Gary? :)

  • Hi,

    I agree - this album contains Gary's most inspired and emotional soloing in ages! Listen to the extended outro solo of "No reason to cry" - as fantastic as the outro solo of "Still got the blues" (or the "We want more" live version of "Empty Rooms" - for you co-Gary-die hards).

    When he is playing like this, he is simply untouchable as far as emotional, melodic rock guitar! :bow:

    I've been waiting 15 years or Moore for Gary to move like this again.


    Ps. However I find the re-recorded versions of Midnight blues and All your love pointless Ds.

  • I'm not a big Gary Moore fan overall but I absolutely LOVE his new CD! "You Know My Love" is electrifying with a frightening extended solo. "Cut it Out" is a great instrumental and the new version of "All Your Love" is much HEAVIER than his first version back in the early 90's. But the song that really gets me (and I admit I'm mellowing with age) is "Flesh & Blood", which is a beautiful, mournful ballad I assume he wrote for one of his children. Any parent would be moved by this song and I suspect, if it were chosen for a single, would be successful on radio somewhere. The production overall is big and powerful.

    Both the CD title (Old New Ballads Blues) and cover (too similar to Blues for Greeny) are hardly imaginative but, if Gary's intention was to keep it simple, then he achieved that objective.


  • Its a fantastic album from every angle you look at it. Gary may not be the most easygoing person on earth and I guess, he will never be, but for sure one of the few amazingly outstanding musicians there are.

    Great to see him still delivering such fine music. For every guitarplayer he is still a dream to listen to, no matter if its heavy rock, bluesy or even jazzrock/fusion music (which he did with COLOSSEUM).

    keep it up, Achim

  • I love this album and have been listening to it a couple of times already, which is rare for me, since I have been so busy for the last 2 months!

    What stands out for me besides Gary's playing which I always like, is

    a) that his singing has definitely improved since Power of the Blues and the MOR Live album
    b) the production is fantastic
    c) Ain't Nobody could have been a hit single in the Nineties
    d) Flesh And Blood - one of the best GM Ballads ever
    e) the Album could have used one less ballad and one more midtempo song.

    One of the Best for the 2006 list so far!


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