quality man in Dutch quality newspaper

  • ....I got some insight in Fedor's wallet.

    Today our GH.COM webhost has been interviewed for the financial section of Dutch quality newspaper 'NRC handelsblad'

    ...in it he gives us an inside scoop of his financial where-abouts....he might be good-looking but i'm sad to report 'the man ain't got no money'....
    on the lighter side: Fedor is going to get married...soon...once he's able to save some greenbacks for the big event....

  • Yeah, an authentic translation of this would be great.

    Especially if done BEFORE Fast Joey throws this interview
    into the computer's search "language translation."
    Then it will be hilarious, make absolutely no "English" sense,
    and we still won't have a clue what any of this said.

    PS.....Where's the item in the list of monthly expenses,
    for Glenn Hughes CD purchases, which of course is why
    "the man ain't got no money?":lol:

    Since Fedor definitely is:


  • Basically, in this interview they are saying what he needs every month for rent, clothes, what amount of money he can monthly save ect., his monthly salary ect. ect. They are asking him he has some money left at the end of the month (no...). Things like that.

    Dutch language is a bit similar to german and if you get used to it you (I mean "we") can understand most everything they say or write....;)

    greets, Achim

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