• News just in; GLENN is confirmed to play the 'ROCK OF AGES' Festival in Seebronn, Germany on
    FRIDAY, JULY 28TH, 2006.

    GLENN will be the third main act, appearing directly before headliners TWISTED SISTER and GOTTHARD. Also on the bill are Wishbone Ash, House Of Lords and Soul Doctor.

    Visit for details, tickets, etc.

  • Shame I won't be able to make that one, but I'm due to become a grandmother that day! How scary is THAT?! :eek:

  • Thanks Shirean, Nikki was originially due on August 5th, but they think she's a bit further on than she thought, so they changed it!

    We're absolutely thrilled for her and Steven, and we already know, it's going to be a girl!
    Shame we're going to miss out on the gig though, maybe if she just keeps her legs crossed...........!

  • Hey Sue

    Dont worry about being a grandma, I am a grandpa to 3 kids - ok step kids but they are still fab - caitlin aged 4, joshua aged 3 and the fabulous abby (who melts me !!) aged 8 months!!!

    Rocking grandparents rule ok!!!!!!!! :thumbup:

  • Thanks Chris, I don't feel so bad now I know I won't be the only grandparent on the board!
    I've actually seen some little t shirts that say "My Grandma Rocks" so I think I'll be buying one of them very soon!

  • Congrats from my side too, Sue! Very good news indeed!

    Talking about the ROCK OF AGES thing, I think I will be able to make it to attend the show since its only about 50 or 60 miles from the place where I live.
    If it´s going to happen I will report of the concert, of course.
    In the same area is a musician store, called "Session Music", a huge store in several buildings, where I used to go for buying stuff and some technical gear. One day I was there, there happened a funny incident. I tested a Hughes & Kettner guitar amp (Switchblade) and jammed "Black Cloud" for some time. All of a sudden a grey-haired manager of the store came running around the corner, yelling "Who´s playing Trapeze there???????"......:thumbup: He was totally surprised and stunned, since he never heard someone playing that stuff for decades, as he told me. That episode just came through my head thinking of the Seebronn area....:lol: :lol: :lol:

    By the way, just saw MOTHERS FINEST in April in Speyer, Germany (20 miles from here) and they were still in good shape, mood and did a good performance. I´m pretty sure here are a lot of people who still recognise this great funk/soul/rock band with singer Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy. Of course, they also performed their big song "Baby Love" as well.

    By the way, some off topic info: Today on a german tv show called "HIT GIGANTEN" (hit giants) Blackmore´s Night will perform the song "Mondtanz/Child In Time", in case anyone wants to know.....;)

    cheers, Achim

  • Thanks Achim. Have you heard the new Mother's Finest CD? It's fantastic! I love them too. They never play in the UK. I'm hoping they might in the near future though.

  • 2 days left...cannot await the festival ....:clapper: :bouncer: :clapper:

    If anyone else from Europe or Germany will be there in Seebronn at the ROCK OF AGES Festival, please write a comment. Would be great to find some fellow GHCP´s there!
    I heard that Glenn will start at 6:35 in the evening...I will be there at 3 o´clock...induldging some hotdogs....waiting for the Monkey Man....trying to catch some pics, clips and interesting stories.

    will do my best,

  • You know, Achim, how much I'd love to come to Rock Of Ages, but I'm committed to work again after my 2 weeks off...

    Talk to you later - enjoy the gig!!!!!




  • Quote from schreinermusic

    2 days left...cannot await the festival ....
    Would be great to find some fellow GHCP´s there!

    ........maybe you should make the correct fashion statement,
    and wear a "Glenn Hughes" t-shirt to meet other "Crazy People" there.
    Have a great time, enjoy the music, and bring back a full report for us.

    Take care, and be safe.


  • Hi

    I go to the Rock of Ages Festival.
    The most Reason was Glenn :bow:
    I hope he plays some stuff from DP :bouncer:

    Maybe some makes some pics from the show, it would be nice to see some.

    Can`t wait .


  • Hello people,

    I´m eagerly awaiting the festival too. I will have to buy the ticket directly there so it will cost about 60 Euros (just for the Friday). But its worth it.
    Guys, if you see a girl with an old black RAINBOW t-shirt on, it will surely be me ;)
    Maybe we can meet there and have a good time.

    xo, Lisa

  • I will go to the festival on all 3 days. Looking forward to see UFO, URIAH HEEP (remember? poor man´s DP) and legendary WISHBONE ASH.

    Will be the first time I see Glenn Hughes live on stage. Like the new album heaps.
    Hard to believe the singer is older than my dad. Good music mixed with great grooves on there.
    I play guitar and drums myself. Like all the songs by Glenn and the family tree.
    Would like to hear a classic tune from the "Come On Feel The Noize" LP with Bolin, entitled "LOVE CHILD". Never heard this one live after DP split.

    Gillan do not want to sing Mk 3 stuff, saying he doesn´t feel comfortable with it. It would be like your wife had an affair and you should read the lovers poems. Thats why he cannot sing Mk3 stuff.

    I´m new on board. Good website! I was a lurker for a long time.

    Does anyone already have infos about chords and tabs from "Music from the Divine"??

    Thank you to all.

    see you, Iggy

  • Aww - wish I was going! Love UFO & Wishbone Ash! Nice to be in Germany again too - was over there for a festival last year! :)

    Have fun everyone who's going!

  • Ooh I saw them a year or so later on the "Making Contact" tour (so I'm old too!! :D ) ... and saw them a few years ago at the Astoria.

  • Catweazle, mate....the album you´re referring to is


    and not


    which was once by SLADE.

    Anyway, can happen....:D

    viel Spass beim Festival, mein Freund,

  • Quote from alibongo

    Aww - wish I was going! Love UFO & Wishbone Ash! Nice to be in Germany again too - was over there for a festival last year! :)

    Have fun everyone who's going!

    I once did follow spot on the lead guitarist in Wishbone ash at Wolverhampton Civic! :lol:

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