Sabbath Demo With David Donato

  • is this ?

    Finally the band announced that Ward had rejoined and unveiled new vocalist, an American, David Donato, whose past credits listed various small time Californian club bands, such as HERO, HEADSHAKER, VIRGIN and WHITE TIGER, the latter act alongside KISS guitarist Mark St. John. The tape that secured Donato the job was recorded with ex-DEEP PURPLE bassist GLENN HUGHES and Mark Norton in a band titled DALI.

  • ...hmmm it is weird - nobody seems to know what it was about. A short project to secure Donato his "Sabbath" job or what...? Anyway - this is something that I will ask from Glenn when I get a chance to talk with him...:)

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  • Quote from toadsterama

    David about a putz. The guy was awful.


    Yep, this concise review of Mr. Donato's musical style

    lacks a certain.......shall we say, expansiveness.

    But in "laugh riot" quality, it gets five stars from me.

    Definitely an entry item for the book :hi5:


    "With the ARMAGEDDON liaison not coming to fruition Donato got back on the circuit in a band with Saenz once more and former HERO colleague Neil Citron on guitar. By 1984 the trio had been joined by a figure of international renown, GLENN HUGHES. "It wasn’t a band as such, all four of us were between things and we really enjoyed just playing good music with each other" reckons David. This project got into the studio to put down some demos with producer Andy Johns, before Mark Norton replaced Citron. "Glenn is of course phenomenal, he’s like a white Stevie Wonder. We did a lot of acoustic, soulful stuff together. Together we complimented each other very well vocally. Some great stuff but it was all just for fun really, there was no determined direction or plan. Looking back, maybe if we had got organised it could have been a great band. A great collection of talent. J.R. was a fantastic drummer, really, really good and Mark was a speed demon on guitar. But, like I said, we were just having a blast jamming with each other."

    This must have been before Phenomena and Gary Moore album.

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  • What's David Donato wearing in that photo - some sort of World Wrestling Championship belt?

    He had on something similar in those promo photos he did with Sabbath at the time. I still have a Burrn magazine from 1984, with Ozzy and Jake E Lee on the cover. Inside was a series of promo photos of the newest Sabbath lineup at the time, featuring David Donato. Actually, I think it was a two-page photo spread to accomodate Donato's belt buckle...



    David is quite CULT :bow:

    toadsterama: I have the KERRANG! article in my Sabbath article archive. I don't have the BURRN article you mention. I was not fimiliar with that one. Are those the same photo's or did they use other pix from that shoot? And are they in colour? Thanks in advance

  • Quote from galleyfan

    Hey Guys!

    Here is a demo of Sabbth with David "The Donut" Donato on vocals. It is the original version of "The Shining". It has diff. words and title. I can see why he was dumped. Enjoy.


    Download....listen....dab bleeding ears.....delete...simple! :lol:
    Many thanks for the opportunity!

  • Okay thanks for that info. But it is very common the photographer sells different shots to different magazines. So I was hoping for some different poses and maybe even a close up of Donato's Wrestling belt hahahah :D :D :D

  • Arjen, guess what? You made me go rummaging through some old magazines to find that issue of Burrn - and you were right. They are different promo photos. The two Burrn photos feature the full band with David Donato in a different pose (with his hand out of his armpit), and then a separate one of Geezer with his hands up in the air and a Gremlin toy on his head. Those wacky Sabs...


  • Wow thats pretty cool news Todd! As a fanatic 80-ies Sabbath collector you made my day! Sounds like tehy are cool pix and worth buying the mag. I will keep an eye on Ebay for that particular issue.

    Thanks and rock on!!

  • Yeah Donato is irritating. He starts off ok but he has this god awful helicopter vibrato. It's like a goofy Robert Plant imitation. That White Tiger band just had no songs. I saw them in 88. Mark ST John had a huge rack of effects and his sound was total crap. There's a reason guys like Yngwie, Blackmore and Santana and JJ have good tone.....they aren't plugged into 8 million effects.


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