What about the Bass?

  • I have been reading so much here about Glenn's voice and "the Voice of Rock", and hardly is there a blip about his bass playing prowess :confused: Glenn is a marvelous musician :thumbup: and I honestly believe his bass playing has made Chad a better drummer :bow: on the past few albums.

    As I listened to SITKOR today, it hit me again and again that Mr. Hughes is just one tremendous musician :claphands:claphands and I would like to hear more about his playing and not only about the voice.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Good point Frank. I don't play an instrument, but recognise a good groove when I hear one. Glenn's bass playing was an established tour de force even when he was 21 with Deep Purple. Songs like Stormbringer, Burn, Getting Tighter and Mistreated don't stand the test of time just because they are produced by a name rock band. Structure, rythym and content is everything.

    These days Glenn has full control of the arrangement but never overplays his own parts. In M4TD I think we fill find a richer balance in the mix.

    You find this with top sportsmen too. They are recognised for one major aspect of their game but what makes them truly great is their ability to play the less "up front" roles well in addition.

  • I AM a bass player & Glenn is a woefully underrated bassist. He doesn't have a Geddy Lee/Chris Squire type approach, but he creates some memorable melodic (& of course funky!) bass lines. He uses a pick which gives him that attack. Blackmore always wanted his bassists using a pick! ANd when he lets loose on a funk bass solo (ala Getting Tighter)..look out!

    After seeing him in 2004 at the Bolin Fest I checked out his gear & bought the Digitech Bass Synth Wah he endorses. That's what gives him all of those funky Bootsy-esque sounds...

    He's a HUGE influence on my playing.

  • A few years back when Glenn and Chad and JJ played at the Hard Rock in Orlando I was mesmerized by his playing. I have always been a fan of the bass in Rock and Jazz (not the thump,thump,thump garbage in more modern stuff), and a big fan of John Wetton and Tony Levin for years. Yet when I heard Glenn just drive the music in his own style I was really impressed. His playing, for my money is what makes his solo recordings so memorable.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • here here men...greatly underated player
    he's so easy to lock in with..very musical and tasteful.
    a drummers dream. the new cd is gonna knock you out..
    playing better than ever...i could be a little biased.:lol:

  • Like Chutsler says, Glenn learned his craft back with Trapeze in their 3 piece heyday. Like Mel says of those days, playing lead AND the chords means a greater disipline is required, less opportunity for flashy solos. And as he told my son who's just switched to bass in a band at school, bass and drums are the heartbeat of any band. When you think that Big G was also singing while playing bass in the 3-piece Trapeze, it makes their achievements even more outstanding when you think that their reputation in the southern states was largely established by live performances rather than recorded work.
    Nice to see that Glenn is helping advance an up-and-coming drummers career prospects! :cool:

  • The song that really got me into Glenn's bass playing was "Way Back To The Bone" off of YATM...WJTB. That slightly overdriven sound he got, especially during the last lead break, was brilliant, and the bass lines were very aggressive on that album. Blackmore never really let Glenn stretch out in the studio with DP, like he was used to doing with Trapeze.

    From a bassist's perspective.....for solid rock bass with a good dose of funk, they don't come any better than
    Glenn Hughes :claphands

  • There's some very tasty bass playing on M4TD for sure... Check out This House for example. Very understated, but so tasteful. Just the right notes in the right places... Very Glenn, if you know what I mean.

  • As Frank says ...Glenn is a marvelous musician :thumbup: and I honestly believe his bass playing has made Chad a better drummer :bow: on the past few albums ...

    I could get a serious kick out of that one, Frank. Right away I pictured a sea of Peppers' fans at one of their gigs, feeling smug in the knowledge that their drummer ;) is so good because of 'our Glenn.'

    Jeez, some days being a GHCP brings a real spring to your step :D

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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