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  • Hi PTR,

    for glenns lower singing check out
    the song '24' from Voodoo Hill

    it's it definetly not his lowest voice, the way he sings it so easily.

    by the way, it is not the size of a mans range that counts, it is how he uses it :lol: :lol:

    thanks for the clips

    cheers hiawatha72

  • Interesting topic.
    Regarding Glenn I would check another song (as far you got the album).
    Its on the Deep Purple "LIVE IN LONDON" LP which was released in 1982.
    Go to the track "Mistreated". During the faster part (while Ritchie plays his solo) Glenn and David do this kind of background singing and Glenn takes off like an airplane.
    Just a suggestion.

    good luck, Achim

  • Ok some new facts.... :) Still without going through whole GH discography, I heard some songs and said "wow that´s excelent scream" a tried to realise what´s that.

    Results are:
    Glenn´s vocal range is at least from Db2 to C#5!
    Getting Tigher on Burning Japan Live - that "wooohoohoo!" is C5, C#5 is on You Keep On Moving with Rata Blanca 2003.

  • question: in Made in Europe Mistreated song.. at the end Glenn sungs very very high.. the chorus one ! I hope you understand what moment I'm talking about.. Which notes did he made ?? incredible !! when I listen this for the first time in 1981, I became crazy !!! :claphands

  • Hughes & Thrall - Live In Resada, Ca, USA, 19-11-1982

    The First Step Of Love (second chorus whooo~) --> d6 (check it out now!!!) :D

    glenn is king of highpitch scream!!! :thumbup:

    stryper's in god we trust last scream(accept him today~ah~) ---> c6

    and ian gillan's studio max(fighting man last scream) ---> b5

    glenn higher than michael sweet and ian gillan...;)

  • Small update and we will move our "noting" one octave higher now:
    lowest note: F2 (I´ve been there when GH hit that - Prague improvisation in Mistreated - we checked that note from my video)

    highest note: D6 (for example We Shall Be Free on main site)

  • I recently did a track with Fab Grossi. I used six octaves on this song.....he graphed it....I never think about how high or low just the emotional output of the helps also that I have absolutely no fear of the notes I am about to sing.

    I'll say it again, God's in Charge...

  • as He always should be Glenn. I'm just glad that you are letting God lead you down a path of genuine and sincere love for your brothers and sisters. That fact about you by itself is worthy of a web site like this. The fact that you're the most talented singer/musician that I/we follow is certainly the icing on the cake.
    God bless you and your family (including all of us here at GHPG...oops
    peace and love,

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