Glenn plays Belgium

  • Prior to his appearance at the BOSPOP FESTIVAL in Holland on July 8th, GLENN will be playing this warm up show on Thursday, July 6th at 'SPIRIT OF 66', a renowned music club in VERVIERS, BELGIUM.

    Please be aware that this date has been added specifically as a warm up show for the festival, hence the size of venue, etc.

    It is not the start of the MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE tour, though it will be a full length show with some new material.

    The atmosphere will be relaxed, intimate, and it will present a perfect opportunity to try out some of the new material before taking the stage at Bospop.

  • Great :bouncer:

    So I'm going to see Glenn twice.
    First in Verviers and a few days later at Bospop!

    Just like last year when I saw him at Arrow Rock festival and at De Boerderij.

    I think Bospop can be compared to Arrow where Glenn will play a mostly best of (DP) collection. And Verviers to Zoetermeer where he can play what ever he likes.

    In Verviers (been there several times) the musicians come to the bar afterwards to hang out with the fans. Always very cool.
    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

  • Spirit of 66 is a great venue; I know cos I've played it myself! We had a great crowd and a superb response.

    I'm gutted I can't go (on vacation at the time).

    For those of you who can; Enjoy!!!!


  • One more night to go and then I'll see Glenn at Spirit:bow:
    Nice place, where artists always come to their fans afterwards.

    Hope Glenn will do it also.

    Met a few months ago Kerry Livgren (ex-Kansas) after a great show and before that Steve Lukather (Toto).

    And two days later Glenn at Bospop.

    My son will take a lot of pictures and some small movies (if possible).
    He made also several photos from Glenn's concert at Arrow last year.

    So this year I already saw Deep Purple and WhiteSnake.
    And probably in September Blackmore :singer:

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