Robin Trower live review

  • Last week i had the privilege to see Robin Trower :bow: live at the Robin2 club in Bilston. The place was packed full of ageing rockers like me :D and Robin didnt let us down.
    Still a tremendous player with that classic and unique sound and style he really gave it some. And this guy is about 8 or 9 years older than Glenn :eek: Davey the singer was drowned out a few times by Robin's swirling sound but did a good job. Drummer was spot on and not too flash - made it look easy. A really good show.

    Set list of classics was as follows ( i think i got them all):

    Twice Removed From Yesterday
    Roads to Freedom
    Too Much Joy
    Sweet Little Angel
    Day Of The Eagle
    Bridge Of Sighs
    20th Century Blues
    Victims Of The Fury
    Too Rolling Stoned
    Go My Way
    Another Time Another Place
    Little Bit Of Sympathy
    Lady Love

    Support was from the Aussie blues guitarist Gwyn Ashton who i had never heard of before this. He played totally by himself with an electrified acoustic guitar and went down really well. Good bluesy-rock voice as well. I am gonna get hold of his stuff for sure :thumbup:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Wolfy thanks for that review. It sounds like Robin has still got it. Gwyn Ashton is a regular on the European circuit and can often be found at Blues fests countrywide. He often has a band and, if you want more, check out his website for gig updates.

  • Thanks Wolfsmith! Wishin' I could catch him in Florida... Again, I'll encourage everyone to go see Robin if you never know, it could be his last tour in America (upcoming). If people come out to the shows- he'll be back! Support the senior rockers of the 70's!


  • I saw Robin too at Bilston, then the following night at Manchester Academy and last night at the Limelight in Crewe. The sound in Manchester was absolutely awesome, guitar and vocals both clear as a bell.

    Bridge Of Sighs is still the greatest piece of blues rock for me, a masterpiece of rock desolation. If you've never heard this get the CD of the same name, put BOS on, crank it up to 10 on the volume and just check if your speakers manage to stay in one piece. It's an incredibly simple idea but a magnificently performed track.

    Despite being 60 odd now he's still the greatest guitar player on the planet imho. Maybe not the fastest, but his belief has always been that he can say in one note what other guitarists would take a dozen to say.

    I'm sure he'll be back in 2007 so check him out then.

  • Oh man...that is a killer set list. It is great to see a lost classic track like Hannah from Twice Removed From Yesterday in the set. And Islands has always been a favorite of mine. I remember hearing it on 99.5 KISS about 20 years ago on Joe Anthony's Saturday night show. I never got the title but knew it was RT. Years later I pick up a copy of Back It Up and when that track came on...major flashback time!!

    When you have a catalog as deep as Robin does and only 2 hours to work with.....I think he covered enough of the chestnuts yet let you know that his newer stuff is killer as well :thumbup:

    And the venues in the UK are intimate enough to really forge that link between artist and audience. I am not a fan of going to a hockey rink to see a concert and hope that Robin Trower can play some shows in the States again at some point...would love to see him again!! :bow:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Quote from captmidnite1962

    hope that Robin Trower can play some shows in the States again at some point...would love to see him again!! :bow:

    He is Bill....starting next month!

    June 2006
    16 Fri Ft. Lauderdale Culture Room
    17 Sat Tampa Janus Landing
    18 Sun Orlando House of Blues
    20 Tue Myrtle Beach House of Blues
    21 Wed Greenville SC Handlebar
    23 Fri DC JAXX
    24 Sat Philadelphia TLA
    25 Sun Annapolis (SOLD OUT) Rams Head Live
    27 Tue Sayerville, NJ Starland
    28 Wed Atlantic City House of Blues
    29 Thu NYC BB Kings
    30 Fri Ridgefield, CT Ridgefield Playhouse

    July 2006
    01 Sat Buffalo Moleson Festival 6:00 pm FREE SHOW!
    02 Sun Cleveland House of Blues
    06 Thu Milwaukee Summerfest
    08 Sat Minneapolis Fitzgerald Theatre
    09 Sun Thunderbay, CN Blues Festival
    13 Thu Chicago House of Blues
    14 Fri Columbus Newport Music Hall
    15 Sat Windsor, Ontario Blues Festival
    16 Sun London, Ontario Blues Festival
    18 Tue St. Louis The Pageant
    19 Wed Kansas City Beaumont Club
    21 Fri Denver Gothic
    24 Mon San Diego 4th & B
    25 Tue Santa Ana Galaxie
    27 Thu Konocti Harbor Classic Concert Showroom
    28 Fri San Francisco Fillmore
    29 Sat Santa Cruz The Catalyst
    30 Sun Ventura Ventura Theatre

    Hopefully there's a venue there near you that isn't a hockey rink :)

  • Saw Trower last night at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg, FL (not Tampa as evry concert listing has it).
    Can't be sure if it was the venue and crowd or the show, but it was really not very good :( The venue is outdoors and standing room only on concrete, which is always a pain when I go there, but five hours on my feet was a bit much considering even the stools at the inside bar were removed.:confused: With about 1200 people crammed in, it seemed that most were there to talk with their friends (some there and some on phones) :sint5: see how much they could drink and do so one drink at a time through the entire crowd. Being the 'kind and gentle' person I am, I was throwing elbows around half the night and telling people to either watch or get the hell away from me :axe:
    SO what the result is in the long run is that you spent more time watching for beer being spilled on you, drunks bumping into you and wo was going to step on your feet next rather than enjoying Trower :mad: Plus, the sound was a bit muddled when you did get to listen.
    I have seen Trower about eight other times since 1974, but this night was just "off". The setlist was strong, but it was done in an hour and fifteen minutes :confused: Very little improvisation, and everything just began to run together. Then finishing with a VERY mellow version of Daydream (yes, even more mellow than usual), I was left scratching my head.
    Hope the rest of the tour is better, and next time I get the chance to see Trower it will be somewhere with either seating or crowd control.
    Davey Pattison was great to see and hear, and the rest of the band was solid. When we left my wife even said "well, it was no Ronnie Montrose or JJ Marsh". Tells you something

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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