Stadium Arcadium

  • What do you think of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, "Stadium Arcadium" ?. I think it is brilliant and very funky and I especially loved the new single. I saw them on Top Of The Pops too.

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  • Great performance on TOTP, I really enjoyed that. Frusciante is always amazing live as is Chad... and the others!

    I brought the Dani California singles today, for the non-album b-sides. I shall buy SA next monday when it comes out.

  • So Hertfordshire likes Stadium Arcadium then? Im inclined to agree, what i've heard from the album so far, i like quite alot, especially tell me baby! I've ordered it from HMV, and i hope the post doesnt mess it up on monday, or I shall not be happy! A little off the point, but does anyone know when music for the divine will be available for pre-order on the internet? I looked on a couple of sites yesterday, and it wasnt there, and i wanna make sure i get it straight away! he he! :bouncer2: :birthday2 :D two weeks until my disseration is due in, then back to hertford, oh well, better make the most of the north now!

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  • I wish Chad and the boys the best of luck. I hope they will make it to number one!.

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  • Quote from christmas fairy

    A little off the point, but does anyone know when Music For The Divine will be available for pre-order on the internet? I looked on a couple of sites yesterday, and it wasnt there, and i wanna make sure i get it straight away!

    It's on Amazon, NEH Records and I'm sure a few European outlets for pre-order, since that's where you're at.

  • .... the new album is only available from Monday (May 8th) -
    - and again, a top album is leaking via the internet prior to its release.
    Check out his article here for example.

    I wonder when record companies are going to stop sending out promos, advance copies, album samples or whatever they call it, only as a reaction to the fact that their music is being made available on and downloaded from the internet ILLEGALLY. Of course they have tried to prevent this, but all kinds of digital signatures and copyright protection obviously don't work.

    And then again, how do you want to get the ball rolling for a new album, or even a new band, if you do not send out promos to radio stations and other media.....?
    It's a vicious circle.

    Illegal downloads widely are already included in record companies' calculations.
    What you can't change is artists being fed up with it, because they don't see a single cent from illegal downloads.

    So buy the record, if you want to support the artist!




  • On one of the pepper sites, there was a guy saying that they were selling Stadium Arcadium in Gibraltar on April 29. That's about when it "leaked". So it could have come from a promo copy or just somebody who got lucky enough to buy it early.

    I think they did a pretty good job keeping it down to just a week before the release, instead of earlier. The Foo Fighters was being downloaded about a month before their release. And most "fans" are going to be buying it anyway.

    This is the generation of instant gratification. And they announce these release dates soooo early, it's hard to wait. People are going to jump on it the first chance they get.

    I guess one way to guarantee a record sale is to add a little something that is only available with the cd. Something like the video that was included with Soul Mover. Then again, even that was available on the internet before the release. Maybe a presale code for the tour or something...

    But, what do I know?!? I'm just a fan...(and I've already pre-ordered.)

  • Theresa I think that is a very good point. Rather than crying their eyes out about free download sites, record companies should turn their attentions to giving a little extra especially on blockbuster albums such as those by U2, Chilis and the like. A pre sale code for the tour would be a good one. Some kind of discount might be another. It's a sales promotion technique which is very similar to those used by supermarkets to "reward" customers for their loyalty.

    Also limited editions can create a buz AND give added monetary value to a CD too. Just look at the prices some limited edition CD's are fetching on ebay. OK if that's the economic climate we live in fine. But what stinks is making out that all the blame for falling sales lies with us criminal customers. It doesn't. It just takes a little creativity and imagination for record companies to make music desirable again.

  • i have friends at work who download albums in advance of official release well in advance. i had the Hard Fi album about 3 weeks before it came out. Its the same with TV programs. I have already watched Lost series 2 upto episode 15 via downloads, but it only started here last week.

    The Chilis are up to number 2 in the singles charts here now.

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  • I have now got Stadium Arcadium, and I love it! I have a few favourite tracks that stick out for me at the moment, but it is constantly changing! Its gonna take a while for me to listen to all of them properly, and take it all in, but at the mo, i like storm in a teacup, so much i, tell me baby, charlie, especially in michigan, and i'll stop now, or i'll just list the whole album! It looks like a number 1, its outselling the rest of the top ten albums put together in the UK!

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  • there is a lot to digest on there. I have not picked my fave yet but i personally keep going back to wet sand, tell me baby and turn it again. It is NOT a good idea to put it in the alarm clock/cd player...I just lay there listening and forget to get up...

    edit...stuck on Turn It Again

  • With regard to Christian's comment about promos and advance copies, I would think record companies would be so tired of releases being leaked to the internet that instead of sending out releases, they would give journalists an advance listening code - requiring them to log into a web site and listen to streaming audio that is unable to be downloaded or copied. There you go - I just solved part of the RIAA's leakage concerns. As for plain old theft from manufacturing plants and recording studios, I'll have to get back to you.

    I was going to buy 'Stadium Arcadium' today, until I saw that it came in a double-digipak. I loathe digipaks, and will not be picking up the album until I find it in a jewel case, import or otherwise. Digipaks are shoddy, evil, and should be outlawed. Grr.


  • Have been playing the album for a week now and it just gets better and better. The guys have really thought about every note and phrase on this CD. John Frusciante is "out of this world" he seems to know what is right for each of the songs and displays a level and range of playing I have not heard from any other guitar player for a long time.

    I have been a causal fan before, but not now,as a band they have matured and this is there finest by a long way, IMOP.

    Well done guys you deserve high praise indeed. With MFTD about to surface any day I get the feeling this is going to be a vintage year for superb albums from two of very best artists there is.

    Chad, you should be, as I am sure you are, so proud of the work on both albums. Just need Glenn to get the success he desrves , I am sure its on it way!!!:claphands

  • Thanks for the kind words....i'm as proud as a whore in church.
    Don't forget about the Bush bashin Dixie Chix..i'm on that one too.
    All hail big daddy! :bow:

  • Well I think I'll be picking this up on the way home today. I've heard nothing but good things so far. Always been a quasi RHCP's fan, but I certainly respect them as musicians. Plus with Chad's GH connection I now have more interest.

    As for M4TD, I have a friend who has it. He called me last night and said it's excellent! I will be getting a listen any day now :bouncer:

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