Stadium Arcadium

  • First of all. "Stadium Arcadium" is actually the first RHCP album which I really like including every song on it. In my opinion its a huge step forward. Great work indeed, Chad.

    Talking about the illegal copying situation, I made the following experience.
    People are downloading not everything but mostly albums of...let me call it "minor importance". If you are a true fan and if you are eager to get the new album of your favourite artist, you will alyways buy it. Not only to support the artist but also because its a whole different thing to hold the brandnew CD package in your hand, to open the booklet ect.

    Only albums which are maybe of interest but not on first place of your budget list are mostly going to be downloaded.

    That´s my experience with that when I look at lots of friends and other people I know.

    cheers, Achim

  • Hello Soulmover & Everyone,
    I think I have to agree with Dave Navarro - lightbulb thing was a bad idea...and since I haven't been too interested in Chilis music. Their fault/loss or mine - hard to say... :)

    I love Jane's Addiction - but somehow Navarro was wrong guitar player for Chilis...Chad - do you agree? btw. what happened to your mutual band project? Did it turn into Dave's solo album?

    Of course the fact that Chad plays on Glenn's new album awoke my interest to RHCP again after all these years... ( I love Soul Mover and SLITCOA) I bought the missing RHCP albums...By The Way and the new one...

    ( I used to be huge RHCP fan - Hillel Slovak played his last gig here in Finland at Provinssi Rock, oh memories - Mother's Milk was OK and Blood Sugar Sex Magik was the biggest thing in the beginning of the 90's...I had Flea beard & all...funky monks..yeah!

    :) :) :) :)
    Last time I saw RHCP on their Californication tour in Helsinki - Chad - whose idea was to play with Pelle Miljoona's band at Lepakko????

    btw. can you imagine - that was years before Glenn's first visit to Finland)

    Stadium Arcadium... I dunno - magik/fun is not there anymore....
    :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

    ...I'm very sorry but Glenn has to sing on next RHCP album or otherwise I won't buy it...:)


    ps. what has happened to me???? I don't like anything new nowadays...:) Am I being over critical or what?

  • Ok, now I look like a big fat liar because I bought my wife the digipak release of the new RHCP :confused: What can I say? It was a gift...

    I like what I've heard - and there is a lot to hear! - but I haven't had a chance to spin it repeatedly because my wife is hogging it. However, I bought the new Dixie Chicks album and despite what some naysayers may think of them, I think they have put out a great CD!

    Chad, your playing on the Dixie Chicks disc may be restrained compared to your playing with RHCP and Big Daddy, but it is right in the pocket my friend. What an exciting year for you - you're playing on three stylistically different, superb albums!


  • Quote from soulmover

    Thanks for the kind words....i'm as proud as a whore in church.
    Don't forget about the Bush bashin Dixie Chix..i'm on that one too.
    All hail big daddy!:bow:

    Hey Soulmover, wierd to hear you're on the Dixie Chix thang, is it any coincedence that I thought I heard a "Jury" riff in their current UK single? Maybe I've been around Big G and the Trapeze vibe for too long!!!

    Love the new RHCP album by the way,

    Regards, Hackney

  • While taking the risk of getting stoned by some ppl in here, I must confess I like the Dixie Chicks CD pretty much and so do I with their previous releases also.
    Modern country music or country rock(pop) is a direction which was very alive for the past 10 years. You could see a lot of movement and developement or progress in there. Very interesting songs and artists there. First of all, I do not speak about such pure "bluegrass" styles like Dolly Parton, for instance. Technically spoken, I like the kind of harmonies and how they sing the songs very much, you do not hear these skills in many other music genres nowadays anymore. Beside the fact that there is also a big commercial factor nowadays, like in most other music directions, it is very often pure, handmade and skilled music, which I often love to hear.
    GH fans very often have a taste, which can be very diverse and so is mine.
    A few of my favourite "New Country" artists are:
    Dixie Chicks
    Chely Wright
    Sara Evans
    Sherrie Austin
    Deana Carter
    Clint Black ...and many others...

    cheers, Achim

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