New soundbytes

  • How do you rate them?

    Out of the four, I think Frail sounds the most promising. Very difficult to judge the entire songs by these short clips though.

    Have to say that I wasn't blown away though.


  • And as much as I miss Glenn's way of singing on albums like From Now On, Hughes/Thrall and Phenomena for example, I must admit he seems to have a cool Stevie Wonder vibe going here... I'm sure I'll get a better appreciation of the tracks when the album comes out.

  • :confused: sorry guys but on a scale of 1 to 4 they sounded like a 10 to me :singer: - i know its just a little piece of a song but i think they sound great - danielb remember just like in your own life things are never the same - glenn has to go forward just like we all do

  • The clips are already growing on me. The funk groove of Steppin On is quite nasty and the vocal delivery is very cocky, in a cool way! "I gotta a generator, I need a little funk to go" indeed... :)

  • And two things that make Frail stand out: the very beautiful guitar melody and when Glenn goes up a bit in the first verse (dispair...). Would have liked it to stay quiet rather than having the drums kick in though. Kinda ruins the mood of the song in my opinion. But let's wait till the album is here :)

  • Must...resist...can soundbytes....

    I have listened to soundbytes of some albums before, but this time I decided not to. If there was a complete song, then maybe, but not clips. For me it seems that they don't describe a lot how the song really is, they have usually left me kind of disappointed... Or maybe I just didn't give them enough repetition :)

    Anyways, I'm going to wait until I can buy the album and take my time to listen to it as a whole and without a hurry.

  • Yeah, I avoided soundbytes for "Soul Mover" and was totally blown away when I finally got it. Wish I would have done the same for this one because now I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. "Frail" does sound awesome though and I hope there some more tracks on the album in this vain.

  • Although only short they sound fantatic great sound and production, sound quality much better than soul mover.

    Iam sure based on these small snippets the Album is gong to be a Classic.

    I think these songs are pretty immidiate. Looking good.:)

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