• I'm a new member from France.
    I write and read a little english.
    I've seen Glenn twice and Deep Purple a lot of times since 1985.
    I've also seen Dio, Gary Moore, and many others bands since 1980.
    I hope to see again Glenn in concert and I hope to see Whitesnake, I have never see...

    If someone write in french, that's great ! ! !
    Hope to read you sooner !

  • Tiens! Jokavec ,
    Bienvenue à GHPG! MOI can font un peu Français!
    Espérer vous comprenez ça?
    J'ai vu Vallée autour de 20 le temps , quelques-unes dans Angleterre , Italie, Allemagne et Hollande. J'étais aidant que pièce de son voie équipage dans Italie l'année dernière pour lequel mon récompenser était une Accéder Toutes La zone être reçu à! Le meilleur le temps dans mon vie.
    Une fois de plus bienvenue et espérer à voyons vous voici souvent!


  • thank you for writing in french, but I don't understand all the things you tell me... what is "vallée" ? the best way to communicate is to write in french and in english. Reading the message in two language permits better understanding...

    merci d'ecrire en francais, mais je n'ai pas compris tout ce que tu me dis... que signifie "vallée" ? Le meilleur moyen de communiquer est d'ecrire en francais et en anglais. Lire le message dans les 2 langues permet de mieux se comprendre.

  • Welcome aboard, jokavec. Great to have another new member for the ride.

    Steve's just showing off :lol: ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hello jokavec.

    I read in your GHPG.net "personal profile" that your name is: Jo Kavec.

    Now........my high school French isn't worth a franc, or even a sou.
    But I seem to remember that most words or phrases in French are
    (pardonnez-moi) backwards, such as:

    la robe rouge ravishing de Rosalie
    instead of:
    Rosalie's ravishing red dress, as it would be said in English.

    So..........could your name really be "Joke Avec" transposed, and translated to mean:


    :axe: Le premier, et la plupart de mal, meurtrier de hache de nouveau Jersey,
    ........sur l'emplacement Web, de Glenn Hughes ( La Voix de la Roche ) Personnes Folles.

    La Grace

  • wow! :eek:
    Madame La Grace, je suis très impressé.

    Okay, here we go with that mixture, Jo was talking about.
    It's funny, I like that.
    Nothing wrong with showing off, huh!
    No seriously.
    Je comprends le francais très bien, mais je le parle très mal, parceque I keep forgetting le vocabulaire!
    Enough said.

    Welcome - fasten your setalbelt - enjoy the flight.
    What's that en francais again?


  • Christian:

    AOL SEARCH: Language translation

    CHOOSE LANGUAGE: English to French

    CLICK: Click

    SIMPLE: Simple

    Merci, (I didn't have to look that word up)
    Grace / La Grace (both of me)

  • oh, I should have known.... :D
    But as a Peace Loving Man (sorry for the punt) I seek no revenge.
    ...lying on the ground in defeat - :1:
    - soon to rise again.... onward, Christian soldier! :D

  • "JO"

    I read the message that you sent to me.
    I hope that you'll post often here on: GHPG.net

    They don't call us "The GH Crazy People" for nothing.
    Where better than here,
    to have people appreciate your sense of humor?

    We all look forward to reading how you first discovered our boy,
    and if you've travelled near or far, to see a live GH performance.
    (HTP in Barcelona? How was it?)

    And don't worry about your English.
    Glenn is an international star.
    We can figure out most of the messages from his fans.

    Looking forward to reading more "joke avecs" from you, :hi5:


  • Hello Grace,

    Thanks for your message !

    HTP barcelona in 2004 was a great concert ! It was the first time I saw Glenn and twice I saw JL TURNER (first time with deep purple in 1991 Toulouse, France)
    I could imagine Glenn is so attractive on stage, wonderful vocals, the way he plays and sound of his bass and the feeling, the "ambiance" he make. I don't find words (in english) to tell that.... he has a lot of charism and talent ! ! ! (comment traduire cela en bon anglais !)

    I would like to see Glenn with Ritchie and Deep Purple... but I was too young at this time to do that ! ! !

  • You know, Jo, you could post here often, and let us know
    what's going on musically, in France.

    I often listen to a radio station broadcast of music from
    around the world. They play reggae music from the Caribbean,
    rock and roll from China, snappy pop tunes from Korea,
    and toe-tapping music from Greece and Turkey.

    But they never play any new music from France :huh:

    I have the CD of the 1970s Deep Purple performance in Paris,
    when Glenn and DC were part of the group, but nothing else.
    Let us know what's going on.


  • Hello,

    a very good news from France :

    Whitesnake plays on june 21, 2006 to the havana café, ramonville, near Toulouse... and I've got the ticket 2 days ago ! ! !

    That's the better news of the year ! ! !

  • Sounds great, JO.
    I hope that you'll have a fantastic time at this event,
    and will post a review with pictures here,
    about our 2nd favorite MK3/4 line-up "garcon pourpre."

    Are you going to make " le rapport correct de mode"
    and wear your GLENN HUGHES t-shirt to this event?



    (Je suis une personne folle de Hughes de Glenn.) :lol:

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