Introducing the CTC Podcast - No.1

  • We're finally introducing our very first Podcast, in addition we've created the CTC Podcast Hotline!

    In this our very first edition, we have 2 exclusive audio interviews - the first with CHAD SMITH of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the drummer and co-producer of Glenn's new album. The second, a 60+ minutes chat with GLENN. Both talk about the new album in depth, MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE, plus much, much more!

    So point your web browser to: (39MB)

    or if you have Apple's iTunes installed, you'll find us in their Podcast Directory at:…/viewPodcast?id=147757011

    The GLENN HUGHES Coast To Coast Podcast Hotline, is a voicemail system where you can leave comments, requests, questions, reviews and anything else you think will be of interest to your fellow Glenn Hughes listeners!

    Simply dial this USA based phone number:



    Leave your message (upto 3 minutes in length) and after review, it will be included in the next podcast. It'll be nice to hear from as many of you as possible, as we get tired of hearing only our voices on the show!! Although we're based in the USA, you could consider using Skype (, especially if you're overseas, to save some money on the long distance call!

    We recommend a high-speed Broadband connection, especially with this first issue, due to the extended interview with Glenn.

    Our next Podcast will be available in mid-May, so you have plenty of time to digest this one and please don't hesitate to call the CTC Podcast Hotline at 404-419-6568. We'd love to include you in the next one!

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together - although there's plenty of fine-tuning left to do, we're just pleased to get this first one out on the road!!

    David & Shirean

  • Just a quick note, the CTC Podcast is now listed in Apple's Podcast Directory - this makes it extremely easy to subscribe to the show and to not miss any episodes!

    Here's the direct link:…ast?id=147757011&s=143441

    While in the directory you can also type-in Glenn Hughes in the Search box and the Podcast will pop-up as an entry! You'll also notice a link to write a review - feel free to do so :)

  • Great job guys, this is a fun and interesting way of getting all the goss. Good to hear Glenn in fine form and obviously happy with life and Music for the Devine.

    I think the Chili Peppers connection is really helping, in many not so obvious ways and lets hope MFTD breaks Glenn into the main stream and he gets the commercial success he so deserves.

    Thanks for making this possibile :claphands

  • I'll figure this out at some point David - this site is becoming super cool - hope I can get access via work PC.

    Clever little Hector! :thumbup:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Quote from Shirl

    Clever little Hector!

    Does this mean: "Not too shabby, none?" :huh:

    Where's my A to Zed Dictionary?

    Glad to see you're back, Shirl.......keep sparklin'.

    :hi5: Grace

  • It does indeed, girlfriend. When I was young (sigh) there was a children's programme in the UK called 'Hector's House' about a dog puppet, and of course every time he did something wonderful he would remark that he's 'a clever little Hector.' The things that stick with you, huh? ... like wrinkles :lol:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Just a reminder - if you would like to be included in Podcast No.2 via the Podcast Hotline - the deadline for the next edition is this Sunday, May 7th.

    The number to call is:


    310-601-8743 (USA)

    Perhaps some of you who attended Rock The Boat could give us all a verbal review :) Or if you'd just like to say "Hi" - please feel free to call-in.

    We'd love to "hear" as many of you join in as you can :thumbup:

  • David has a point there...even if you don't have a review or earth-shattering post about Glenn or his music, folks could simply call the hotline and leave a message like "This is Todd from Las Vegas, in the USA. Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow Glenn Hughes fans around the world. Glenn's new album is gonna be the best one yet!" Or something to that effect, except you'll use your own name, and not mine :D

    It would be nice to hear the voices of some of the names we always read comments from. And I should take this opportunity to point out now that when you hear my voice on the next Podcast, that's not my regular speaking voice! :huh: When you hear it, you'll know what I mean.

    So what are you waiting for Chip, Bill, Grace, Shirl, Kenny & Carolyn, Mark, Frank, Christian and the rest of you guys?! Get to dialing!

    (Bet you didn't know you were saying all that, did you David?)


  • well put Todd,
    that's exactly what I thought David was saying! ;)

    Unfortunately my PC doesn't like skype too much and crashes big time almost every time I use it :huh: So I don't use it :confused:
    Plus I can't dial numbers - I'll have to upgrade for this.
    Or is there like a username for the podcast, which I can add to my contacts and call without dialing???

    Still I might call the old fashioned way (real phone that is :eek: )?


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