Pat 'Trapeze' Travers

  • At the end of february the Blues Bureau International (Shrapnel) releases a second PAT TRAVERS POWER TRIO album. Personnel: Steve Evans (bass guitar); Jeff Martin (drums)

    this is the track listing;

    1. You Are The Music > Trapeze cover


    I'm Yours, She's Mine


    Stone Cold Fever


    Rock Me Baby


    Green Eyed Lady


    Black Night > Deep Purple cover


    Aimless Lady


    Swlabr > Cream cover


    Red Skies > James Gang-Tommy Bolin cover


    Ready For Love > Bad Co cover


    Rock The Nation > Montrose cover


    How Many More Times > Led Zep cover


    Keep Yourself Alive

  • Hi Ad
    Thanks for the tip-off-I'll certainly look out for it. Hadn't noticed this one 'creeping up'!.
    Mr T is certainly prolific release-wise recently;I only got the 'Bazooka' CD just before Christmas,which includes another Cream cover,Politician,as well as Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition'.
    This album was released under the 'Travers & Appice' setup.

  • Oh my god! I'm reviewing this for release in a few weeks, and I have to tell you how fantastic it is! It's Pat Travers, Steve Evans and Jeff Martin doing a load of covers from their collective influences. All sorts of stuff in there, Humble Pie, Cream, Grand Funk, but my favourites have to be Red Skies, You are the Music, and Rock the Nation.

    I love Pat Travers and he's been an idol of mine since I was about 11 or 12, so to hear him still cranking out this wonderful music is just the best. Jeff Martin's vocals on Red Skies really do the job.

    Check it out if you get the chance :thumbup:

  • Hi all

    Ad said:


    PT just covered 'You are the music..' on his new Power Trio II covers album

    A great album & a good cover version, I think.

    Arjen said:


    Man, would I love to see those two making an album or doing a tour together

    That really would be something, Arjen.

    They have, of course, collaborated in the past -"Celebrate" off 'BTM' & Glenn's backing on PTs fantastic "Stevie" on Making Magic,comes to mind. Also live (Studio/radio?) with the 'Voices of Classic Rock' concept a few years back.

    I've been a big fan of PT for some years & he seems to be releasing a fair few new CDs of late, teaming up with Carmine Appice & TM Stevens, & the mentioned Power Trio's 2nd offering.


  • I do agree with you guys. If the two team up, it will really blow out any other ones!!

    I think there used be a possibility for them to make a trio but it ended as Pat's solo album... Shame...

    But at the same time, I must admit that I enjoy a lot of collaborations by GH with other guitar legends...

  • A few years ago Pat Travers played Zaandam De Kade together with Rick Derriger on the bill. It was the first time I saw Pat live. When Pat Travers took the stage he just blew me away!! Halfway the concert it came to my mind Pat and Glenn on a project would be a no-lose situation Just an incredible combo this would be!!

  • Ayup - just passing, as I do once in a rare while nowadays!

    Yeah, they were gonna do an album together around the time of Buiding the Machine, which, being a huge PT fan I was elated about - people who were around at the time may remember my excitement!

    Unfortunately it didn't happen & 'Celebrate' was all we got. I seem to remember someone like Marc F said that it was coz they just couldn't get their collaboration to work quite how they wanted (or something like that). Bloody shame!



  • Yes TOP CAT I agree with you.

    By the way in which are do you live in Oxford?

    I still remember some part in Oxford. "Oxford story" was amazing thing which I loved.

    Beautiful town.

  • I know Ad brought this up a long time ago... As big of fan of PT's as I am -I've just now got around to this purchase. It's another Mike Varney release with this Power Trio line up of P.T., Steve Evans/bass (Steve Hill Trio), and Jeff Martin/drums (Racer X/Badlands/Surgical Steel). As everyone knows Pat's done a lot of cover songs over the last 10 years- but they all play homage to the originals and done very respectfully. The thing is- sure it's to make money, but Pat really loves and was very influenced by the songs he chooses to cover. This release has some tracks that most of us here can really appreciate. I've included snippets of what may be the most interesting for some- not the whole track, and not too good of quality- cause I'd like to think we could help Pat out by buying this one! (Ad has already given us "You are the Music" for those who want to seek out the whole track)…8/a/P.T.+Power+Trio+2.htm

    Check out this track listing:

    2) I'm Your's She's Mine
    3) Stone Cold Fever
    4) Rock Me Baby
    5) Green Eyed Lady
    7) Aimless Lady
    8) Swlabr
    9) RED SKIES
    10) Ready For Love
    11) Rock the Nation
    12) How Many More Times
    13) Keep Yourself Alive

  • Man just heard the version of YOu Are the Music on this CD and it smokes. Pat sounds great on it, IMHO.

    Also, the production and recording is really great too- very fresh sounding....

    be nice to see Pat and Glenn doing this together on stage....

    Bobby G.

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