favourite GH boot?

  • Hi,
    thought to ask - what is your favourite Glenn Hughes bootleg?

    Mine has to be from his 1st visit to Finland - 9.6.2001 - I simply love that gig!

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    Tonio - if you read this - thanks again for everything! (he used to be Glenn's tour manager - very nice guy!!!)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


  • "Burn in Europe."
    For many reasons.

    Even more so than the "Birch Hill" bootleg, even though
    singing back-up vocals from the audience on that one. :lol:


  • I just recently started collecting CD-Rs. Before that I only concentrated on silver pressed boots. Glenn only has 10 or 15 of these so you're done collecting Glenn boots pretty fast :)

    Of the pressed cd's I think Highway Star (Hughes/Thrall) and Funky Business are my most favorite!

    PS. anyone willing to trade, i'll send you my list. (1.500+ dvd's / cd's)

  • Ah yes...isn't the Funky Business show the one with the infamous quote from Glenn....."F*#@ you asshole...this is a Glenn Hughes show."

    I love it!! :thumbup:



  • Hi we talk about bootlegs ,Dino in Gino is very good i think,that was the first time i saw The voice live :thumbup: Can anybody tell me where i can buy these bootlegs .Best Regards,Anders

  • great 25 seconds david !!!!! i wish i could have been there to see glen curse them out that cd sounds great i wish i had it

  • If you want to get some "unofficial" GH stuff, get over to this site:


    Someone posted the link before and I've been downloading ever since. They have a strict "no officially released product" policy and its all done for thanks and karma rather than money.
    While you're there, post a show or two so others can enjoy it.
    And check out the other Purple family sections, and the general section.
    Its what the internet was made for.
    Well OK it was made for uninterrupted military communications in case of a nuclear war, but while we are waiting for that to happen......................................

  • Hello steve28,
    Discussing bootlegs, and seeing your 'icon picture' reminded me.........

    I first saw Glenn (live and in person)
    at his Birch Hill performance in March, 2001.
    I hope that you have a copy of THIS bootleg.

    During the pause between two of the songs,
    Glenn mentioned that his mom had called with the recent news.....
    "GH is dead."
    Glenn then told us that he made sure that his mom knew
    that she wasn't talking to an answering machine message,
    and yes, he was alive and well.

    And Glenn's performance that night was spectacular.



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