Glenn Covers A Zep Tune.....

  • Not sure if any of you have seen this yet, but Roadrunner Records has a very informative interview with Glenn regarding the "Nights In White Satin" sessions. Apparently, Glenn, Chad and John also recorded a version of Zeppelins "Misty Mountain Hop" for use in the "Lords Of Dogtown" Soundtrack, which did not get used (the story behind this is told in the article). But Glenn says it will appear in the future. Would love to hear it :thumbup:


  • Yeah, that's cool - you can read more about it in this thread from last year. Was supposed to be in a movie, unfortunately approval arrived just a tad late :( Hopefully we'll get to hear it soon enough, like Glenn mentioned.

    By the way, the full interview is available here:,

  • I Love this comment by Glenn from the RockDetector interview...very prophetic :cool:

    "....I've stopped doing everything else now, I'm totally focussed on my own thing. Y'know, everybody always used to call me up to guest on their record and I did too much of that. You know what? The voice is busy baby!"

    Hopefully, this year the Voice will get out to the masses :clapper:

  • Quote from bassboy

    Hopefully, this year the Voice will get out to the masses :clapper:

    (Sorry to do this to you, bassboy.)

    Yes, music for the masses.
    "Music for the Divine."


  • Grace....somehow I KNEW you would "pick up" on this ;)

    Yes,Folks...another case of GHCP minds thinking as one :D . ....Now, where DID I put my axe :rolleyes:

  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha :lol:

    Yes, you're right bassboy.
    Without a Glenn Hughes US Tour to cheer us up,
    our brains are melting :(

    Hey, don't make fun of us GH ax murderers.
    We get the much better looking t-shirts,
    than if you only belong to "The GH Airport Patrol." might be interested (or not) to know,
    that this morning at breakfast I listened non-stop to the
    "You Keep On Moving" version from "Burn in Europe."
    (Love that repeat button.)
    Or as I like to call it: The Happy Birthday Hempo bootleg :birthday:
    Especially since at the end of that particular version of YKOM,
    Glenn asks the musical question; "That was great, hah?"

    PS to Glenn: Yeah, it was.

  • Now THAT's a great way to start off your day :cool1:

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