Whips and Roses - Tommy Bolin

  • This album of out-takes and alternative versions is finally getting a release by SPV on April 24th in Europe
    and April 25th in the USA.

    Some of this material is stunning and well worth a listen - included is a "new" version of Teaser amongst others.

    The full tracklisting is as follows:

    Teaser (alternate version) - Fandango (previously unissued) - Wild Dogs (alternate version) - Cookoo (previously unissued) - Savannah Woman (alternate version) - Marching Powder (alternate version) - Flyin' Fingers (previously unissued) - Dreamer (alternate version) - Just Don't Fall Down (previously unissued) - Blowin' Your Cookies (previously unissued).

    This is Part One of what will be a Two part set - the latter to be released later in the year and which promises to deliver even more uncovered gems!

    You can find out more by visiting the Tommy Bolin section at the SPV (Europe) site:


    and for short soundbytes of all the tracks, you can visit this page:


  • Awesome sound clips, thanks, David, very much for this info!
    Crazed Fandango sounds like Herbie Hancock was on the piano...amazing.
    The alternate take of Wild Dogs is one of the best, if not the best, I have ever heard.
    This clips show how the album could have sounded. Even Im a huge Bolin fan I was never satisfied with the final mixing of the songs on it.

    Anyway, thanks again.


  • Yeh Jerklund, I have almost all the stuff from the TB Archives. I can't wait to get this stuff, it sounds amazing. I just think the music is so exciting and still fresh.

  • Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!:bow:
    Sounds amazing! Can't wait!:claphands :claphands :claphands

    I don't have any of the albums they sell in TBOLIN archives but a few songs. I'll get them later.

    If you have something special, please share them.

  • I can't wait for this! I get anything with Tommy on it. He was so unique. He gets a bad rap from many DP and James Gang fans because he is considered merely a replacement for bigger stars like Blackmore and Joe Walsh. But if you listen to all of Tommy's catalogue you will see a HUGE talent on guitar (and he was not a bad singer either). His 2 solo albums are must-have's in any rock collection. The TB Archives has put out a lot of great stuff (and at reasonable prices too). If you've never heard Tommy's band Energy and you like listening to live music, then do yourself a favor and check out some of the live Energy CD's there. Radio broadcasts from 1972. Powerful stuff. I'm also dying to hear what is going to be included on volume 2 of this series.


  • Quote from jerklund

    ....are there any other Tommy Bolin lunatics
    who have purchased all the products

    If I see it, and it's got Tommy Bolin's name on it, I buy it.
    I do that with ONLY one other "name."
    Ben, Ken, somebody or other :lol:

    I've got a bootleg called "Jazz City" that's pretty rare.
    Plus the 2 James Gang CDs, Energy, and the TB Band.
    Plus, when you add in the music that was released by
    the TB Archives, you...MUST...be amazed at the amount
    of brilliant music that Tommy managed to fit into only
    25 years of life. What a loss to us all.

    PS.....I even went back and bought the several "Zephyr" CDs,
    (may she RIP) but I can't stand to listen to Candy Givens voice.
    [Trying to out-do Janis Joplin. Unsuccessfully, in my opinion.]


  • Quote from David

    Exact details are pending, but it's also supposed to include a 16-page booklet.

    Maybe the booklet then will give any information on who (except for Tommy ;) ) is playing??? I can only guess, since I'm not a TB completist (okay, I have 3 of the Archive releases, that's a lot anyway).


  • Please tell me that's not really the artwork for W&R II! [URL='javascript:emoticon(':Groaner:', 'smid_4')'][/URL]

    And is it really going to be called Whips & Roses II? [URL='javascript:emoticon(':yucky:', 'smid_97')'][/URL]

    Lastly, I agree with Christian - put some damn credits in the booklet. There are actually those of us who give thought to the musicians playing the actual music, and the photographers behind the lens. Sheesh.


  • Hey Todd,

    Oh man, I hear what you are saying! As the self proclaimed King Of The Liner Note Junkies I want to know who the other players were and any other information, technical,musical, philosophical or otherwise. Where is Pete Frame when we need him now?? ;)

    I had a vision in my mind of what the cover art for the CD's might be like; certainly far more impressive than what we have gotten so far. And to practically replicate the cover for the second set is a bit cheesy in my mind. Wasn't this supposed to be the MASTER SERIES???

    Tommy's legacy deserves the very best :thumbup:

    And on a related note...will Teaser and Private Eyes be remastered and reissued as "stand alone" projects? Does anyone know the answer to that question?

    Time will tell....;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • As per dpas....

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