What are your favorite Glenn Hughes Ballads?

  • People I don't know if this question was ever asked on this site but,if it wasn't i'm asking it now.I'll get the party started! My favorite ballads are:

    I don't want to live that way again
    Blue Jade
    Golden One(Gabi's Song)
    Days of avalon
    Change yourself
    It falls through me
    In memory
    So much love to give
    No stranger to love
    From another world

    The Guru did his thing on these songs! They all are Killer!
    Way to go papa! :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Personal favs are

    Chosen Man
    In Memory...
    Why Don't You Stay
    Right Before My Eyes
    Don't Look Away
    Days Of Avalon
    Change Yourself
    I Go Insane (sorta counts)

  • Hi!

    One absolute ballad favorite is 'In your eyes' which Glenn sang/co-wrote on John Norum's solo outing 'Face the truth'. Please, please, please do yourselves the favour of checking out this whole album, as it is real killer!! Top 3 of all albums featuring Glenn's voice in my book :bow:

    Brilliant melodic hard rock songs with a metal slant + John's soo tasty guitar work. Glenn sings on 6 songs.


  • One of my all time favorite is Blue Jade and Whats a womans Role of Trapeze. Just listen to that song and you'l probably agree...

    Glenn if you're reading this: Please consider adding this gem to your live set!

  • My favourite Glenn Hughes ballads are "Coast To Coast" "What Is A Woman's Role" and "Will Our Love End".


  • "Coast To Coast" will always be my favorite. "Why Don't You Stay" is a close second :thumbup:

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • he has done some fantastic ballads and i could suggest all of the Works Tapes cd as well as his solo stuff.
    But im gonna say "I found a woman" from Play me out" because for my wife and i its "our song" :heart: :heart: :lips: :yes:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • the night will soon be gone
    i found a woman
    in your eyes
    in memory
    why don't you stay
    save me tonight
    things ain't like they used to be
    light of my life
    heaven's missing an angel


  • Things Ain't Like They Used To Be

    and of course
    Coast To Coast :)

    also 24 if you want to call it a "ballad" :huh:

    and Nights in White Satin! :bow:




  • Wow, tough question, lots of good answers posted up so far.
    A few of my favs are:
    You Are My Dream
    Your Love Is Like A Fire
    Bed Of Roses

    :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  • No stranger to love
    Days of Avalon
    Things ain't like they used to be
    I don't want to live that way again
    Blue Jade

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • I don't want to live that way again and I don't want to talk about it from Addiction are superb and so raw and for that reason not songs I listen to a lot as i think they can catch you off guard and bring back a rememberance of pain sometimes but I love these two ballads all the same. Coast to Coast an absolute classis of course! Could you count Jury as a ballad?

    Love and hugs xxx :)

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