Play Me Out CD

  • My long,tedious journey has come to an end.I finally found the funk guru's play me out cd! Pardon me while I say,YEAHHHHH! I found it over at ( the seller was a record store in NYC called midnight records.Fast shippers too! It's remastered and it has bonus tracks! What a find! People I searched high and low for this cd.I know you are probably thinking why did I not try ebay,amazon or, I did.Ebay only had it in album form and amazon and did not have it at all! Gemm has all kinds of cds from all over the world just like ebay just not as big and not as well known.They also has a large selection of papa's music.So I say to all who can't find glenn's music,before you throw in the towel go over to gemm's site and see what you come up with! :thumbup:

  • believe it or not i still see this every now and then in records stores here. i just love the bonus track Take Me With You.

  • Yeah I have seen it a few times in shops, it's not that hard to find online either (at least on UK sites)... I got a copy from eBay for about £6...

  • I STILL don't understand why that records gets a bad rap. It's brilliant!

    I have both the "disco bonus tracks" version & the later "better bonus tracks" version.

  • one of glenns best albums in my opinion when i got it on cd with the bonus tracks it was really weird to hear the bonus songs on it when i was that use to the album finishing like the vinyl version that i have.
    cool c.d :cool:

  • I've always been a fan of Gemm,been able to find many hard to find CD's there:bouncer:

    Play Me Out is a great CD, and one of my all-time Glenn faves. It was waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of its time for the day. I've always dreamed of seeing Glenn open one of his shows up with "I've Got It Covered":bow:

  • The Four on the Floor sessions were also great even though the copy I have doesn't mention Glenn anywhere but I believe thats another story.

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