voodoo hill and addiction

  • I just wanted to say papa rocked the hell out of voodoo hill and addiction.I purchased voodoo hill recently and it was worth it.Also,I know addiction is a dark album but, he knocked it out of the park again!I was looking at the photos on the addiction cd and glenn could be a male model with the cheek bones he has. I'm so jealous! Women pay thousands of dollars to get those cheek bones.Finally, I received my goods from glenn's store on this site and ladies I got to tell you, invest in the coast to coast thong it's worth it! And fellas invest in buying one for your lady you won't be disappointed! ;)

    Can't wait to get voodoo hill 2 in the mail! Papa the funk guru! :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • U great good taste BoundforJersey!
    Addiction is my favorite Glenn album. And the first Voodoo Hill cd of Dario Mollo is a great album too. The cover of The Gypsy is beyond this world. I listened to the track yesterday and was thinking: wouldnt this be a great song for Glenn to add to his setlist ;)

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