dp made in japan dvd

  • just got a email from neh records offering the above dvd- do you guys know if this another piece of garbage for sale or something thats worth having? :confused:

  • I saw this advertised on Amazon some time ago and thought as many people did that it was footage of the actual concert. I luckily read reviews posted by other people on the site which were extremley negative. Basically its not the concert but mainly interviews with limited clips of live footage. Going by the user rating its not worth purchasing, but I'm only basing this on other peoples views !!

  • it came out here last year.
    dont touch it unless you are a real die-hard completist and have money to burn.
    i seem to remember this getting a slating from all DP fan sites and in Classic Rock. just read the reviews on amazon.co.uk and you'll see what i mean.
    its in the same sort of vein as the "inside ...." dvds that have come out here from "Classic Rock Productions" - who have no connection with the mag.

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