Favourite Deep Purple line-up

  • All of them, I just love Purple. But I really would have liked to see Mk IV stay together longer and see what they were capable of long term. I have the feeling there was so much to come from this line-up that we never got to hear.

  • Got to be Mk IV, Come Taste the Band ..... the most criminally underrated album ever released by any band!

    I have to say I am the most familiar with Come Taste the Band.

    My brother always played Machine Head...I loved it but didn't pursue them...I was into different things in the 70s...Rush, Styx, Boston, Frampton Comes Alive, BTO Greatest Hits, Steve Miller Fly Like An Eagle, Areosmith, Bad. Co., Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd...etc. Huge UFO fan!

    I never got into Deep Purple oddly, not that they're not awesome. I found come taste the band as I was into Bolin for a good while in the late 80s early 90s.

  • For my $, CTTB was DP's most interesting effort...I think David was at his peak vocally, and what can you say that hasn't been said about Tommy? He was such an innovative player who just had such a great imagination in the way he approached guitar...He and Glenn were so locked in musically that it was sick..They were truly twin sons of different mothers...

    agree 110% .....i hit shuffle on the ipod on the train home from work yesterday and what comes out first? "this time around/owed to g"

    such a fine line up.....so good!

  • I think sometimes MKII gets too defined by Machine Head and Made in Japan; two of my favourite Purp tracks are Anyone's Daughter and Fireball (Paice giving a tutorial!), the former far more whimsical than almost anything in the catalog, and a real clue to the range. If you've see the Classic Albums show about Machine Head, you get a little more perspective on the band as well.

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