Top 5 favorite bands of the 70's?

  • Spent all my summers in Jersey. Used to drink with some of the band members in the seventies before they were real popular. Great act.

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  • having read more lists i realised i have missed out loads of bands whose early work was in fact in the 70's. you forget how time flies!

    Journey - Gregg Rolie had a great voice too!
    Rush - stopped listening after Signals.

    But Robin Trower should be in my top 3. his King Biscuit Live release wore out my cd player when i first got it.

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  • Mine would be:

    1. Free
    2. Trapeze
    3. Thin Lizzy
    4. Stray Dog
    5. Humble Pie

    With Honorable mentions to..... Paris,Deep Purple,Wishbone Ash,Yes,Pat Travers Band,Detective,Led Zeppelin,Bad Co.,Automatic Man,Baker-Gurvitz Army:claphands

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • KISS
    DEEP PURPLE (MK2-3-4)


  • 1.) DEEP PURPLE !!! :bow:
    2.)Uriah Heep
    3.)Rainbow ; Whitesnake (i really don't know which i like better)
    4.)Tommy Bolin Band ( i like Zephyr very much too,but this is a band from the 60s ,so..)

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  • Come on people what are your top 5 favorite bands of the 70's? I'll get the juice flowing with my list.DEEP Purple,Black Sabbath,Led Zepplin,KISS,Pink Floyd! I guess I did pretty good here! What do ya think? :bow:

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  • Someone else who loved PFM !!! One of the greatest bands to ever walk the planet !!!

    Premiata Fonderia Marconi! YES! They played in Palermo last January 25th but I was so sick I could barely walk! :( Here's hoping for a next time...they are absolutely AWESOME!

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  • For me:

    1. Trapeze
    2. Robin Trower
    3. Jethro Tull
    4. The Outlaws
    5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

    honorable mention
    Dixie dreggs
    too many more to name....

    Two deceased people I will always treasure seeing live and up close...both were experiences....

    1. Rory Gallagher
    2. Roy Buchanan

    Out of all of them, I've been listening to a lot of Trapeze today. I think the only rock I ever listen to is Glenn's discography, Trapeze, Robin Trower and Eric Johnson, and the last two are not that often anymore. I pretty much think Glenn has me covered for the kind of rock I need, and he's still going so I'm happy. I'm not on any other musician's websites or message boards, I'll put it that way. LOL

  • Well,Kiss is just for laughing

    That's right ,all the way to the bank! Say what you will about K.I.S.S.,The boys have made their mark in music history and their renowed.Hell, I even saw a K.I.S.S. casket and credit card!Yeah, they pretty much did everything.The boys from Brooklyn are alright with me :cool:

  • The Deep Purple family tree (i.e. Glenn Hughes, Tony Carey, etc.)
    The Black Sabbath family tree (i.e. Ozzy, Tony Martin, Dio, etc.)
    Gary Moore
    Blue Oyster Cult

    The fifth one will have to be a wild card - maybe Scorpions, maybe Thin Lizzy, maybe Journey. It depends on which day you ask me.

    I know, I cheated a bit :D


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