Big Daddy's new album title

  • Hi Glenn

    I love all your albums, it will be a long wait till mid-june to hear the divine music!

    I hope you will come to Spain to play it live! :bow:



  • Of course, the alternative title would have been:

    "I Am The guys are the audience."

    We all know that Glenn must follow where his music
    (heart, brain and soul) leads him. So I think that by now,
    we should all have learned to trust his judgement in
    whatever direction he feels that his music should go.

    Not complaining too much, that I need more shelf space,
    on my "Glenn Hughes CD bookcase."

    PS.....Mrs. Hughes' little boy Glenny didn't fall off no stupid truck!




  • From what I read, your new album is something very different. I am looking forward to the album and a supporting world-wide tour. But, please do not give up a tour with Tony Iommi!


  • Glenn

    Good luck with the new album.

    Maybe you should have called it.

    Music for the fortunate
    Music for the lucky

    because thats what we truly are:claphands :bouncer:

  • Or my personal choice:

    ~Music for my Crazy People ~


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