Big Daddy's new album title

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to let you know before it slips out or rumours start about the new album title - the title is.....


    .....the title is very important to me - when you hear the music, you'll understand the meaning. The title speaks to me, as all the previous one's have. Divine is goodness and is a statement to the fans that really understand my music.

    The album has deep lyrical and spiritual meaning and once again is where I'm at, at the present time. I do not wish to tread into the past and so this album is a major step forward to me. This is my most honest and artistic album. I am very glad to know that things have continued to grow along spiritual lines.

    Because of the amazing changes in my life, that have happened since 'Soul Mover', it has given me a creative output and encouragement to make this new album. When I was growing up in England, my favourite bands & artists were always growing and morphing and continually reinventing themselves and this CD, I believe, has captured all of those elements.

    Expect a release date in the second week of June.

    See you all soon,


  • Hi Glenn, mate
    wonderful news!

    We are all looking forward to hear your new album and are happy that things went so smoothly.
    You are still one of the few solid rocks in the world of music nowadays.
    Greets to you and Gabi,

  • glad to hear it glenn im looking forward to hearing your positive outlook in the music- it will be mine as soon as it is available :thumbup:

  • I want.. No NEED more music!! I have been buying every-thing Glenn!!!
    Please Big Daddy Bless us Soon!!!
    Thanks for everything!!

  • great title!!

    it could have easely been called 'music from the divine':bow: :bow: :D :D ;)

    and everytime it is great to hear that you (Glenn) embrase life to the fullest. you are my inspiration :thumbup:

    Keep it up Big Daddy


  • Glenn,

    Your music has been an integral part of my own spiritual journey over the past couple years. It's as if I discovered your music at the exact right time in my life.

    I just know that this album will speak to me in just the way that's meant to be!

    Very good news. I love the title BTW

  • Glenn i couldn't stand to listen to it !

    I was in love with SITKOR and Soul Mover , i'm sure that MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE will be a fantastic album!

    Can't Wait!

    all the best

  • Very thought-provoking title Glenn.I think it says it all both for you as a person and for the music you are creating.

    This post just beat me for an idea that I had about running a little competition on this site to run a sweep stake for naming the new album.

    My guess was"Music for the Divine!"which at 250/1 means that you owe me £15,000,But I would accept a signed photo instead!!!!!! ;)


  • Wonderful title, my friend !
    You need to explore some new musical territories and i love this idea.
    I hope that everybody will understand this...
    All the best...

  • Looking forward to the new album , Soul Mover was excellent an another killer cd like that should put Big Daddy at the top of Rock where he belongs. Full headlining world tour me thinks....maybe even Deep Purple opening for the funkmeister.

    P.S. where is the scottish flag Icon

  • Great title!!

    On the sleeve notes on the 'comeback' Blues CD Glenn states..."This record is just the first of many new Glenn Hughes albums to come.."

    I think he has long since silenced the doubters and has laid down an impressive body of work. Yet does anybody else get the feeling that the best is yet to come?

    Stay Fun(ky)

    Mikey D

  • having worn out playing soul mover. my cd machine just has to wait a few more months before it gets some fresh meat!!!!

    bring on the summer of love! :)

  • Quote from wolfysmith

    A great title. i think all the recent titles really have captured what the release is all about.

    totally, wolfysmith - imo all of Glenn's album titles have totally captured the mood and the point in life behind the artist Glenn Hughes, Live Albums included!
    That's what he wants to tell us, the fans, and that's also the core and most essential (in the meaning of essence) reason why there is such a special bond between Big Daddy and the fans.
    Additionally, and that we never forget, this is also only possible because of and via places like this here.

    I can't wait to hear the album - thank You for the music, Glenn, and everything beyond......


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