The best of Jorn Lande?

  • Hi,
    IMHO - Snakes - Once Bitten and Live In Europe (because he sounds like DC), Ark - Trying To Burn (because that is damn good album) The Sun and his second solo album Jorn - Worldchanger...

    ...avoid Vagabond's, Mundanus Imperium's, Millenium's, Masterplan's and his latest solo albums...those are a bit boring...

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  • Yes, I also give a thumbs up for his latest solo album, "The Duke" - not as good as his debut, "Starfire", but still a class album. Also, "Out To Every Nation" I rate very highly, although not everyone seems to think so. The only Masterplan record I can recommend is "Aeronautics".

    Haven't heard the Allen/Lande combo with "The Battle" - depending on who you talk to, it's either a masterpiece or it ain't :)

    I still think he has yet to make his ultimate release, so I await that with much anticipation sometime in the future.

  • I don't have everything Jorn has done, but of the half dozen I do have, I'm happy to recommend the Ark album 'Burn the Sun'. It is phenomenal! I also like the first Masterplan album very much, as well as a few of the sessions Jorn has done like the 'Guilty as Sin' album by Brazen Abbot - which features Jorn singing his heart out on "Bring the Colors Home".


  • I have to throw my two cents in here, as I have all of Jorn's stuff....
    I would have to agree Ark- Burn The Sun is a phenomenal disc.
    I have really never heard anything like it before.
    Just incredible innovative music...
    I also enjoy both Snakes discs, however Once Bitten, although bluesy is a bit generic.
    I really love the first Vagabond disc. It took a few spins to get used to at first, but it really is a great album. I think Ronni Le Tekro is a highly under-rated guitarist. I think that the Vagabond s/t disc has some really catchy pop/rock songs. Although somewhat hard to find, I would really recommend that.
    Also I like the Millenium disc, Hourglass. As much as Jorn sounds like DC on The Snakes discs, he sounds like 1987 era DC on Hourglass. The title track Hourglass IS Judgement Day by Whitesnake.....Coverdale should be getting a royalty for that one...

  • Definately "Once Bitten" if you like Moody/Marsden era Whitesnake. They tried remaking almost the whole album as "Burst The Bubble" but it didn't cut it - accept no substitute!

    All his solo albums are good efforts, but despite the great reviews I didn't like Masterplan much.

    I can't find "Live In Europe" to save my life - anybody able to help?


  • I also have all of Jorn's releases. My favorite is probably Beyond Twillight - The Devil's Hall Of Fame released in 2001. It depends on what you like but this record is a very dark kind of metal opera. I once told this to Jorn but his reaction wasn't that positive about the record. I later found out he was in a big fight with that band, so now I understand his answer.

    Another masterpiece is Ark - Burn the Sun release! Too bad that band didnt survice.Im sure there was a lot of music left in them. Im lucky enough to see them live once.... (and filming it :D )

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