• Excellent singers named so far....

    a few of my list....no particular order as well....

    David Byron
    Glenn Hughes
    David Coverdale (early years)
    Jorn Lande
    Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy (Mother´s Finest)
    Warren Haynes (great singer and guitarist too)
    Skin (Skunk Anansie)
    Göran Edman
    Doogie White
    Lou Gramm
    Jimmy Barnes (Living Loud)
    Chely Wright (don´t laugh)
    Lana Lane
    Donna Summer
    Pete Stanford

    there are so many good ones....


  • Just for guys who have amazing ranges and can do all sorts vocally, I'd pick:

    Freddie Mercury (if we're allowed dead guys)
    Ian Gillan (in his prime)
    David Coverdale (in his prime)
    Ronnie James Dio
    Jorn Lande
    Jeff Scott Soto
    Graham Bonnet
    Steve Perry

    BUT I also have a list of guys who's voices I love who aren't really rock singers, like Tom Jones, Michael Ball, John Farnham etc

    AND there's a lot of guys who's voices I like but maybe aren't as versatile - people like Mickey Thomas, Jimi Jamison and Lou Gramm who always do the same kind of genre, Eric Martin, Roger Taylor, Richie Sambora.... The list could go on forever!


  • Not wanting to feel left out, here's mine :-

    Glenn Hughes
    Paul Rodgers
    Freddie Mercury
    Anne Wilson
    Ronnie James Dio
    Danny Bowes
    David Coverdale
    Steve Tyler
    Dave Grohl
    Lou Gramm


  • its taken a while to narrow it down to the following:

    Glenn Hughes

    Danny Bowes
    Roger Daltrey
    James Dewar
    Ian Gillan
    Joe Lynn Turner
    Dan McCafferty
    Steve Perry
    Robin Zander

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Glenn Hughes
    Sean Harris
    David Coverdale
    Ronnie James Dio
    Mike Scott
    Paul Rodgers
    Joe Lynn Turner
    Ricky Medlocke
    Jorn Lande
    Göran Edman

    Nice to see Michael Flexig's name on here. Another great singer.


  • The one and the only Glenn Hughes (always first)
    Joe Lynn Turner (Joe was the guy who changed my attitude to music)
    Göran Edman (well, at the moment I'm listening a lot of Swedish musicians and, I think, he is one of a kind (c))
    Freddy Mercury (I have no words, we all love Freddie!)
    Paul McCartney (I think, there's no people on the planet who wouldn't know Beatles...Paul reminds me of childhood)
    David Gilmour (Pink Floyd will live forever!)
    Ronnie James Dio (saw him live in 2006 and it was really amazing)
    Tony Martin (yeah, like him...very strong voice)
    Jarkko Ahola (if you know who is he...)
    maybe David Coverdale (definitely like the voice, but I'm not a big fan of his lyrics)

  • Ian Gillan
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Rob Halford
    Bruce Dickinson
    Morgan Lander (KITTIE)
    Tarja Turunen (Nightwish and solo)
    Glenn Hughes
    Tony Martin
    Ray Gillen
    Geoff Tate

  • I know as soon as I post this list I will think of 9 others I really think are great singers as well. Other than my dear ole hubby (who is himself a really great singer/song writer...although unknown), the following would be my top 10 list of great singers...not necessarily in this particular order...and on another day the list may look entirely different (except for first pick of course) :)

    Glenn Hughes
    Etta James
    Allison Krauss
    Anita Baker
    Ruthie Foster
    Roy Orbison
    Jimi Jamison
    Paul Rodgers
    Stevie Wonder
    Celine Dion

    All of these have some great pipes :)

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