Glenn posing for Linda 76

  • ....Assuming that the girl in the dressing room (of some postings ago) *was* Linda Blair...then Glenn must be posing for her in this pic (and Fin costello of course....)

    clothing advice: I find the 'Elvis' buckle not really necessary as Glenn was so incredibly thin here mid 1976....tho that didn't take long I guess. And the shoes? trading in snakeskin boots for blue suede was good......

    the pic is from a 1977 Japanese music mag....on the same page is a pic of the guys who were responsible for killing off 'dinosaur rock'...prior to becoming 'filthy lucres' themselves of course....
    clothing advice: none

    The close up is from a Classic Rock magazine issue not too long ago

    The next one should be one of Linda posing for Glenn....anyone?....Shirean?!

  • Hmmm not sure I feel easy with this stuff. The fact that someone is in the public eye doesn't make their past public property. We all have past relationships, but I am not sure any of us would like to be reminded of those on the internet. You have some great stuff in your archives and normally look forward to your rare music related pictures of Glenn. Sorry Ad, no wish to be a bore but it's just my humble opinion :confused:

  • Thank you Keith, my sentiments exactly and actually we've received a few PM's from other folks who find this totally unnecessary also.

    Thanks Ad and like Keith said, I know a lot of folks appreciate your contributions here, but let's move on from this kind of topic - I don't want to become the t&a police ;)


  • Ad, I really enjoy your postings and please continue to do so. You post alot of rare pix and articles from rare and scarse magazines like this one. It's really appreciated by people like me, a big Glenn collector. I totally don't take offence if you make a joke about the clothing. It's rather funny indeed.

    C'mon Glenn isn't holy.

  • ....I agree...i'm not trying to make this a superlong thread...but I gave it some thought Arjen and tried to lift it to a broader scope of explanation, with the possibility of over-generalization. The above might be even an example of 'intercultural miscommunication' .

    In their own eyes Dutch people see themselves as Northern-Europeans; open, down-to-earth, anti-authoritarian, heart on their sleeves kinda people who think that (almost) everything can be discussed while at the same time remaining friendly. They know people can take offense at what you say, but at the same time know that taking offense says something about one's own deeper fears and frustrations...
    They know that in a way those people ask YOU to be more responsible in dealing with THEIR fears and frustrations...

    Non-Northern Europeans (I'm generalizing) not always tend to see the above as positive qualities and think we're rather blunt.

    To get back to the subject: I am also a Glenn collector, warts an' all; the good, the bad & ugly. That means: digging all those obscure and stupid eighties sessions, the ridiculous snakeskin boots, not taking offense when Glenn uses yet another expletive in interviews and yeah that also means having a good laugh about his old girlfriends...who exactly decides what is necessary to say and what not? who exactly decides what is bad taste and what not? Taste? in this Spinal Tap world of rock and roll?
    Why being over-sensitive about past mistakes, former girlfriends, bad clothing, canceled tours? Agree, we all should look to the future but we would be silly tight arsed people if we would try to re-write it and lie about the past...laughing about it is a first step towards accepting it ...I am a Glenn fan because of all the ups-and-downs Glenn has been through ...and exactly that shines through his music....

    amen :lol:

  • Who's the sense in that?
    I think we closed this unnecessary thread already. But you are obviously not interested in Glenn's music anyway, as we can see from your username.
    We enjoy Glenn Hughes and his music, which is what this site is all about. This is not a Linda Blair Fan Club.

  • i dont know about you charles but as far as im concerned they can leave the middle pic were she is wearing that purple thing on here for a long time :)

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