Texas Bolin tribute concerts

  • Hello all,

    A while ago I read on some website that the Texas Tommy Bolin tribute shows from few years ago were recorded, and some small independent label was going to release a CD. But since then I have read/heard nothing more about it.

    I was curious if anybody had any idea if these shows were indeed recorded, and if there are any plans to get them out? I figure if they do get released it would be via the Tommy Bolin Archives. In any event, the shows were great, and Glenn Hughes sounded fantastic. Some good renditions of Bolin, Trapeze, and DP songs.


  • From what I understand, there are some great recordings from the tour. And yes, the intent was to release a CD. But certain parties have since decided to abandon those plans. So we're just left with the few boots that are out there from the tour. And some great memories, for those of us who were there.


  • I have seen some footage of those shows that arrived back when I had full blown GH fever. It was great stuff to see even though those songs don't really fit Glenn's voice...It still sounded good. I had known about the keyboard player Terry because I replaced him in a band on a cruise ship.


  • Damn....alll you guys got to see the show...and all I got was a purple Texas Teaser Tour T-shirt!! ;)

    I had no idea that the shows were preserved for posterity on tape/video. I had wanted to fly down for the shows(I was working for United and my sisters live in San Antonio) but it wasn't my off weekend :(

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    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I was lucky enough to be at all four shows- what a great time! One of best things I got out of this tour was making some really great long-time friends. I finally met people I had emailed and got to know through CTC and posts on the site. And I finally got to meet Glenn for the first time. Mike Drumm had set me up with a photo pass, so I was able to take unlimited pictures all four nights. Unfortunately, I did not have the skills of a photographer or the equipment- but I did get it well documented! In fact -enough to fill two thick photo albums. I made two sets, one for me, and one for Glenn- he wanted to take it to his mom for archiving. If I am able to make it to Chips this summer, I will be sure to bring them. I'm pretty sure the only night that was recorded was in San Antonio- I remember talking to Robert Ware about it after the show- he had just had a listen. I think they tried on the earlier shows - in Dallas anyway, but was very unhappy with the sound man's work- and scrapped it. I'm guessing that Mr. Diamond (The Promoter) and Mike Drumm had control over the recording(s). Sadly, I doubt we ever get to hear them :confused: !! Mike had used a video camera many times too... I have only seen someone's personal boot ("I love you too Big Jim" ;) Would really love to see anything Mike could have put together.


  • Hi guys,

    I have to says that on the Cd "Glenn Hughes and Friends- a tribute to tommy bolin" i've never heard so cheap , silly sound of keyboard from Terry Brooks. I think it really ruins the ruins the cd i couldn't to it as these "karaoke" sound of keyb are everywhere :confused:
    Even if the paying is quite good, the sound is awfull :mad:

    What a shame...

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