Ring of Fire.....RIP :(

  • Another bummer for the independent label hard rock movement is the now confirmed death of Ring of Fire. Featuring the incredible vocals of ex Yngwie vocalist Mark Boals, the band featured music in the neo classical style of Yngwie but was quite a bit different than Yngwie's stuff. The other members were the stellar guitarist Tony Macalpine, Phillip Bynoe and Virgil Donati of Soul Sirkus as well as Vital on keyboards (later replaced by Steve Wiengart) and Phillip Bynoe on bass. The band had some great songs and performances on their four albums but rarely played live. Singer Mark Boals has apparently vanished, the band's and Mark's websites have been pulled down. Tony Macalpine has confirmed the end of the project on his bulletin boards and I spoke with keyboardist Steve Weingart Sunday and he hasn't heard from Mark since the last album was recorded two years ago. It's a sad fact that great bands like Soul Sirkus and Ring of Fire are going under financially and people like Glenn are completely ignored, while the rap crap/bimbo train in the US rolls on to new platinum heights. Makes me sick. (I don't hate all rap or randb artists, just the fact that alot of it is total crap and artists like these sell nothing)


  • Sorry John, I did get your forum PM earlier in the week, and I've been meaning to get back to you about the Ring of Fire disc. I just haven't done it. Now, since RoF is the topic of discussion, I guess now's as good a time as any.

    I think Ring Of Fire was a good band, musically. I also think they were beating a dead horse. I would much prefer to hear them do music along the lines of MasterPlan. Yngwie's music is fine, but it all pretty much sounds the same. And the bands that he inspired have taken the genre to new heights and in new directions. (Last year I finally got rid of several of my Yngwie CD's, because they're so similar from one to the other. That cleared up some space on the ol' CD shelf, lol. Anyway, where was I?) I think Ring Of Fire was Mark Boals' attempt to hold the Malmsteen fan base. But they didn't buy it - thus the end of the band. MacAlpine is a superb guitarist, and I think his playing is better served in a band like Planet X, CAB or some of the other projects he's been involved with. So, while some of the songs might have been good, I get the impression that someone could buy one RoF CD and get a pretty complete picture of what the band was all about. Or better yet, just get out the Malmsteen albums "Trilogy" or "Alchemy", featuring Boals, and enjoy those instead.

    I'd be interested to know what else Mark Boals has to offer. JSS knew better, and has done all kinds of amazing work since his days with Yngwie Malmsteen.


  • "I don't hate all rap or randb artists, just the fact that alot of it is total crap and artists like these sell nothing."

    John, I DO!!!!!!!!

  • .... currently listing to the song Slowride from Foghat.... being quite saddend by this news. Im a huge Mark Boals fan. He's released alot of cds the past few years. Lets hope its not over....

  • i dont know about the band your talking about john but i do agree with you about the state of todays so called popular music

  • Can I throw open the discussion a little wider? I do the publicity for a rock club somewhere in Northern Europe. Ok it's name is Hotel California but I am not here to plug it. Tonight we are welcoming a guy called Carvin Jones who is an original Hendrix and Stevie Ray type guitarist. It will be interesting to see how many people turn up for a guy who has been hailed by Buddy Guy, and Eric Clapton as great.

    It's no wonder bands like Ring of Fire fold if people are more interested in seeing tribute bands. OK in small doses, some of these are very good. But if we don't buy the albums of original artists and we don't go to see people like Carvin perform, then we run the risk of letting the record companies flood us with Top 100 shit at discount prices.

  • Keith, good luck with the Carvin Jones show tonight.

    Carvin lives here in Phoenix area when he's not on tour. He has regular weekly appearances at several places across the valley. I have a live CD of his, but have not had the chance of seeing him live yet. He can really tear it up on the guitar.

    Anyone interested in the rest of his tour of England/Europe check out his site.


  • Thanks Chip what a guy hey? We got a great responsive audience and it didn't take much persuading on my part to have him back on a Friday night when he will be able to play to a much larger audience. Live he is certainly an incredible showman and a gifted musician. I guess it's up to us to persuade venues that these people who aren't household names can deliver the goods. Well worth a trip across the valley when he returns Chip.

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