• Overdubbing happens all the time on live stuff, both CD and DVD.
    I think the idea, from a business standpoint, is to put out the best possible final product that the most consumers would fork out the money for. Sure there are those that want the raw live stuff, but that is usually the hardcore fans and they tend to get bootlegs to get that true live sound.

    I don't think any "live" release is live in the true sense of the word. Overdubs happen to make it sound better. So what if Coverdale has done it? Kiss has, Frampton has, Cream has, Gary Moore has...it's all about the end product and what will bring in the money. In Frampton and Kiss' case both Frampton Comes Alive and Kiss Alive weren't even done in concert, but both are top selling live albums.
    Even John Sykes did some overdubs on "Bad Boys Live."

    Why would an artist and record company put out something that has shoddy vocals, or a bad note here and there? Of course they will make it better in the studio so it will sell.

    Most consumers can't detect the overdubs, so in the grand scheme of things it's really no big deal.

    The Whitesnake video is great! The vocals, wheter they be overdubs or "live" are good. And the band is good. The DVD is well worth getting.


  • I saw the snake on this UK tour in glasgow and they were poor. Cov's voice is not the deep bluesy voice we all loved in Purple n early Snake, but a poor shriek - mine's better n I cannae sing in tune!

    His versions of Burn/ Stormbringer were even worse - how he can get away with this is beyond me - must need the cash eh!!!:lol:

  • Chris, looks like we're on the same page about this DVD.
    The first track of Burn/Stormbringer is really awful.
    That's about as far as I got watching the DVD. Visually and sonically it's a very good release though.


  • Hi Chris/Chip



    The first track of Burn/Stormbringer is really awful."

    Haven't had the chance to see the DVD yet but my recollection of this track was cringing when Marco Mendoza tried to the 'Glenn bits'-didn't quite hit the spot!! :huh:


  • Well, I finally received my whitesnake cd/dvd today and I just finished watching it.Coverdale will always be one of my favorite bluesy rock singers however, he does not sound the same to me.Although, I really enjoyed the quality of the dvd and the sound was off the charts.I'm sure I pissed off some of my neighbors.Coverdale still captured the stage presence and he was really involved with the audience,I like that!He still is one of the most sexiest men to me!He looks like he's in great shape as well.I guess I was anticipating him hitting those long high notes like he use to.But, you can't live in the past and I guess I should be thankful that he put this very fine cd/dvd out that looks just like a video/rockumentary, it's great!I felt like I was in the audience with everyone else! It's really enthralling!Coverdale owned,commanded and demanded that stage!!!I just wished he would have sung,you keep on moving,mistreated,sail away and soldier of fortune.Other than that he pretty much rocked it! Just my opinion.
    :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Maybe it's just because I'm a big Coverdale fan, but I love this DVD. The overdubs are something I'd rather not discuss, because I don't know enough to comment. I paid to see them live and they were shit hot. I've seen them three times since they returned in 2002 and each time they've been better. The DVD doesn't sound a great deal difefrent to when I last saw them, which was two days before the DVD was shot. And as mentioned, if there are little touch ups here and there, good for David for making sure his product is as good as it can be.

    Sure David's voice isn't what it once was, but compare that to 1997 when it looked like Whitesnake were done for good - there's not many guys in their 50's who can sing like David. We've been spoiled with Glenn because his voice is just beyond compare.

    Bigger news for me is that according to melodicrock.com the DVD has hit top 5 all over Europe and top 20 in the US, with virtually no promotion whatsoever. That can only be a good thing!


  • David Coverdale should concentrate on writing new material rather than performing what made him and Whitesnake popular in the late '80s, I mean he is a great singer and one of my favourites. But Glenn Hughes releases new albums each year or two and updates his music. Glenn had always played what he does best and love, funk and soul fused with hard rock. For me Glenn is number one !.


  • I love Whitesnake, and DC is the most fantastic frontman.

    This DVD is great, although not the best Whitesnake show, when DC was in his prime. We should be greatful though that we have a brilliant audiovisual reminder of a great band.

    Roll on the next Big Daddy DVD:D


  • OK, here's my opinion:

    IT'S NO COMPLIMENT TO GLENN, whenever someone says:
    Glenn Hughes is great.........
    Especially since David Coverdale can't hit the 'ole notes anymore.

    What is this?
    A process of eliminaton contest?

    DC is smart enough to know what he used to sound like.
    He is also knowledgeable enough to make the necessary
    "key changes adjustments" in singing a song today.
    (I'm not a professional musician, but you know what I mean.)
    Until somebody's larynx falls out, or they die, they CAN sing.

    I'm positive that if our two favorite purple boys got into a
    recording studio, they could recapture a hell of a lot
    (excuse me) :eek:
    of the DP MK3 and 4 harmonies that we all loved.
    (That's why so many of us keep hoping for this to happen.)

    As far as overdubs are concerned........
    I love it when GH sings lead vocals on a song.

    But I love it even more when it's "The Hughes Quintuplets."
    Ben Hughes singing duet.
    Len Hughes and Ken Hughes singing back-up.
    And Jen Hughes hitting the high notes.

    Yep, Glenn Hughes' voice, times five. Gotta' love it!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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