Ritchie talks about Glenn

  • On the recent issue of Burrn Magazine in Japan, Ritchie talks about Glenn.

    He was talking about many bass players he had played with and how he thought when he was playing with them.

    About Glenn,

    "Glenn was a very good bass player. Especially he was very good at syncopation."

    Though it was short but I think it was only one interview that Ritchie talked about GH.

  • I remember reading an interview with Ritchie back in the late 70's. He really admired Jack Bruce and was quite keen on getting the late John Glascock as the bassist for Rainbow. Bob Daisley got the job and I believe that Ritchie was quite satisfied with his second choice.

    I do remember reading in various interviews over the years that Ritchie wasn't afraid to speak his mind about other highly esteemed players who did little for him personally; Steve Howe and Stevie Ray Vaughan were two of his targets at one time. He spoke of Django Rheinhardt as being the first rock star; Django would often sit and drink with friends instead of doing a show. Don't know if that was really the case but "shy" is not a word that appears in the vocabulary of Mister Blackmore.

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  • ... excellent post!

    John Glascock was an excellent player indeed, an it's a fine gesture that Blackmore honours the late man.
    There's a 1977 BBC Sight and Sound concert clip of Aqualung on Jethro Tull's 25th Anniversary Video and DVD and the band, especially Glascock and drummer Barriemore Barlow are simply amazing! It seems that the whole show was actually filmed, and it has been bootlegged aswell and sometimes even turns up on eBay on DVD(-R, of course). I still wait for the legit release though.

    Like Daniel, I would also be very interested whether he mentioned / what he thinks about other players!
    Thanks, Tony!


  • I read some interviews of Ritchie where he had stated that he would like to be "nowhere". And so he is. I have never paid attention to his ignorance. He performed sloppy even in his prime. He would stop in the middle of a performance and forget where he was at so I guess wanting to be nowhere was where he would be when he forgot what he was playing. He spoke of getting together with other members of Deep Purple as nostalgic. This is coming from a guy wearing black tights in a Robin Hood outfit with an Errol Flynn mustache. Now he puts out music with his girlfriend who is a Stevie Nicks wannabe. Forget Blackmore. He never realized his prime because he wanted to be "nowhere" as he stated himself :mad: :clapper:

  • Sorry for my late reply.

    Let me translate as much as I can. Hope it brings what is written in Japanese.

    I(interviwer): You played bass on 4 songs on Long Live R&R album while you had Bob. Any reason for leaving your bass play as was?

    R(Ritchie):I don't remember why I left them but I remember why I started to play first. Because I was sick of the play by a previous bass player before Bob.

    I:Any favorite bass players ever? Say Rodger Glover.

    R: He was good at playing 8 beat.

    I: What about Glenn Hughes?

    R: He was really good. Especially he was good at a play with syncopation which is very important.

    I: Greg Smith?

    R: I may have liked his play the most.

    I: Bob Daisley?

    R: Bob was more a songwriter than a bass player. Wonderful person. Also he was good lookin' and was really a nice guy who made me feel at home all the time.

    I: Jimmy Bain?

    C(Candice): Didn't he show before our live the other day.

    R: Yes, he came to see our show in LA. He was more like a band member who gives a presence.

    C: The current Bob (Sir Robert of Normandy)is very good at playing.

    R: He is very good. We call him Boblem as he makes a lot of problems. Whenever we tell him of our tour schedule, he says, "No, it not possible" We ask when he is OK and he replies "In March". After we re-set up our schedules for March, he says "What ? I said it was NOT OK in March" (LOL)

    Anyway I like him a lot because we can talk anything stupid as long as we want.

  • Um, as nice as Blackmore's description of Bob Daisley is, I have to take exception to his comment that he was not so much a bass player as a song writer. The man is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to both of those endeavors. Bob Daisley is one of the greatest bassists in rock or blues. He's creative, nimble-fingered and he plays for the song. In a word, superb. And he's written some benchmark songs of the rock genre.


  • Very interesting, thanks a lot Tony!

    I think the difference of Glenn and Roger concerning their bass playing was very well described by Ritchie, which shows the totally different direction from where both were influenced or coming from.

    I dont think it was something bad that he said about Bob. He basically said the same what Todd was saying, because Bob really is a good songwriter and is playing for the song, seeing the whole thing. He is also technically a good bassist. I dont believe Ritchie would not agree, in my opinion he just wanted to say (what I wrote above) that Bob is not one of these players who always want to appear in the highlight or create songs "around" a solo. He lives for the band as a whole. I totally love his work in LIVING LOUD, which are (for my money) one of the best acts these days.

    Greg Smith is very similar to Bob, in my opinion. Great skills, good backing vox too, and playing for the band. I liked him in the ´94 RAINBOW incarnation very much...in opposite to Paul Morris.....lol

    I´m not quite sure if Ritchie actually wants to be "nowhere".... :cool:
    In my view he knows quite well where he wants to be and what he wants to do or play.
    Maybe it was just one of these cliche articles who are trying to make Blackmore "the a**h*** of the day"....nothing really new ;)
    I would like to say something general about Blackmore, if I may.
    I don´t want to appear as the "Blackmore defender" or anything, which is really not the case.
    I simply believe that lots of people do not understand the mentality of Blackmore and are not able to accept/tolerate or respect him for what he is. I see nothing bad in his way of telling people straight forward what he thinks. For me, i like such people more than others who do say bad things between the lines.

    Musically, I dont think we have to argue about his abilities after nearly 40 years of performing and songwriting. He is also very sensitive, (even lots of ppl don´t want to see that), which one can notice, when he feels he is in a comfortable company or talks with people with similar mentality.

    Basically, I do not understand the whole harrassing comments often said about him or even Coverdale (look at his new DVD comments). Blackmore looks like Errol Flynn, Coverdale poses with blonde colored hair and his voice is gone ect.ect.
    I mean ...what´s that?

    We often want people to accept Glenn Hughes the way he is and the way he was and want people to respect him for his current work. Why can´t we accept the other legends as well for the way they are and what they are doing?

    Where did most of the major rock or music influences coming from? From thousands of smiling mainstream artists or from people with edges and personality?

    To close it, i have to say too, that I once had a longer conversation with Blackmore when he played in Heidelberg/Germany and I found him very kindly, sensitive and honest. If you meet people personally, you often notice that a lot of the picture, drawed by the press, is pure "clichè".

    That´s my 3 cent, even I know that a lot of mates here won´t agree.

    Peace, Achim

  • Absolutely agree, Achim.
    Of course, Davids voice is not what its used to be. But he continues trying providing the fans what they want, even he has to finance parts of it from his own pocket. So is Ritchie Blackmore. The world heard enough rock´n roll wrote and performed by him. He fulfilled his duty. So let him do the music which he likes the most.
    Speaking about Paul Morris...I didnt like him in Rainbow too. I always found Tony Carey (later well known by his own work) a great keyboarder as we all can hear on the "On Stage" album.
    Blackmore now looks happy with what he is doing with Candice. What more an artist can achieve?
    I always like his way of speaking very "directly", that makes him different from all these fake artists, which are out there. If he says a bassman was not good in his opinion, then he was not good in his opinion. Which does not mean he was bad (the bassplayer) in general.

    Rock or Roll, Lisa

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