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    This is an ultra-rare live 1987 audio-clip from an ultra-rarelive concert of MGM in Austria consisting of ex-Snakes Neil Murray, Mel Galley and Bernie Marsden. On drums on this one is John Marter (99% certain) and unknown vocalist John saxon (99% certain).

    The track is 'Welcome to the real world' which later popped up on a TRAPEZE live album of the same name.

  • I believe Johnny Marter is the drummer who plays with the SAS band with Jeff every year. He's bloody good too! Only sorry I didn't realise the connection to Trapeze when I met him! Howie, maybe Jeff could get you the video?

  • With the talent present, it is a shame that MGM never really took off. In the liner notes to Bernie Marsden's second solo disc, Look At Me Now, Bernie makes the comment that he and Mel never really clicked as a writing team. I wasn't aware that they used a singer either; between Bernie and Mel you have two solid singers already.

    If I had high speed, I would attempt a listen!! ;)

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    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Saw them twice in summer of 86 in Oxford and the Marquee in London. Absolutley brillaint, "Welcome to the real world" is the only song title I remenber as they played 90% orginal and new material, all very good, though they did play Gambler from Slide it in. I remember they demoed an album and at one time Bobby Kimball (Toto) was gonna take the LV role.

    Shame this project never went any further I think it had real potiential I remember having a brief chat with Neil Murray at the Oxford gig. I asked him how serious was this new band he said depending on what happened with Whitesnake, he really wanted to give this ago as they had some really great songs but he thought he would wait and see what DC wanted to do before commiting further.

    DC then dumped him in favour of Rudy Sarzo. ouch! by which time the MGM thing had wrapped. :huh:

    I guess Bernie has these demos somewhere...:claphands

  • As well as 'Welcome To The Real World', MGM also did at least 2 more songs which would later turn up with Glenn singing - 'Fighting' and 'Don't Ever Give Your Heart Away' (although the latter was named as 'Rain' by MGM) - the Glenn versions of these 2 appeared on the'Welcome' on the 'Lost World' boot - credited to Trapeze feat. Gary Moore.

    I saw them at the Reading Festival in 87 - the singer was poor. Both Bernie & Mel sang some lead, making vocalist seem even more irrelevant.


  • The audience boot From vienna austria that I have has the following tracklisting:

    1. Welcome to the real world
    2. love's a miracle (sung by Mel Galley, not sure 'bout title)
    3. Gambler (misnamed as 'Gypsy')
    4. Be good to me (Lee Ritenour cover)
    5. Suite 509
    6. Palace of the king (sung by Bernie Marsden, Freddy King cover))
    7. Don't ever give your heart away (misnamed as 'The rain')
    8. Fighting (sung by Mel Galley)
    9. Rough an'ready

    john Saxon - vox
    Mel Galley -guitar vox
    Bernie Marsden - guitar vox
    Neil Murray - Bass
    John Marter - drums

    Don't ever give your heart away / Welcome to the real world / Fighting were demos by Glenn Hughes & Gary Moore for the 'Run for cover' album in 1985. That's what the bootleggers said about the performers...It could be that these tracks were written by Galley & Hughes for a trapeze album and that Moore & Hughes gave them a go....Fighting has an aggressive 'Lizzy-feel' to my ears.
    Maybe MGM were the only band that played these tracks live...

    Interesting that a lot of Mel Galley material popped up on 'slide it in' , 'phenomena' and maybe as sessions for the 'run for cover' album.

    any chance of people having some pix of MGM, tourdates etc.?

  • Quote from Ad

    ...Glen Hugs, Mal Galley and.......Dave Belgium....

    Yep, it took me a minute to figure out Belgium/Holland.

    Hey....weren't these guys in the power group "Tortellini?'

    And I believe that the correct spelling is: Gleen Hugs :lol:

  • i now have video of the last 18 minutes of the MGM performance at Reading in 87 on dvd.

    May possibly be appearing on a Myspace page soon!

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