The Bolin brothers

  • I know that Tommy Bolin had a brother called Johnny. Is he older or younger than Tommy, and what is his (Johnny's) profession ?.


  • He's older and a drummer.

    Hey AYESHA - you'd really do yourself a favour by digging deep around the site, I think nearly every question you've asked has the answer within here ;) Be sure and read each of the CTC back issues in that section, plus the Features area there, it's a goldmine of information all about Glenn, Purple, Trapeze and other bands & musicians that have crossed his path over the years.

    Anyway, feel free to ask questions, but do try and find sometime to peruse the site further - fire up the Jukebox, and surf around - it's fun :cool:

  • Tommy and Johnny also had another brother, Richard, who went by the nickname Pudge. He was not a professional musician.

    Johnny, on the other hand, played with his brother Tommy for awhile, as well as recording and touring with DVC, Dare Force and Black Oak Arkansas. The recordings with Dare Force and BOA are readily available on CD.

    Like David says, take some time to cruise around this site. You're bound to find any answers you're looking for.


  • i met johnny bolin with black oak arkansas at a place called THE SHACK in mundeline illinois - great concert - he seemed like he was a cool guy

  • Black Oak Arkansas was also the band that Tommy Aldridge was in, before he was employed by Ozzy Osbourne and the latter- day Whitesnake.


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