I have "Medusa" & an now wondering what "You're the Music" is like?

  • Can anyone kindly share their thoughts of the "You're the Music" album by Trapeze. I love "Medusa" (only recently purchased) and amn wondering how this other Trapeze record compares. All comments are welcome!

  • I love it, because I have that album. It is funky and soulful hard rock. A perfect album for fans of real R & B


  • Hey Todd, the blending of Funk and Rock are perfectly demonstrated on Trapeze's "You Are The Music...We're Just The Band". This album was a slight departure from the 'heavier' sound of Medusa but IMHO just as good!!!! By all means, SoundMaster, PICK IT UP!!!!

  • I like YATM quite a lot, there are some great songs on the album.

    Irritatingly I haven't got Medusa and I can't find a copy on CD anywhere. I don't get why it hasn't been reissued as both YATM and the original Trapeze albums have.

  • I finally received my copy last week.

    Holy crap, does this kick ass!! Even more reason to believe some negative karma followed Glenn's early career as this band should have been MASSIVE! This record rocks, grooves and just kicks my ass all over the place!!!

    thanks for recommending it!! :claphands:bouncer::thumbup:

  • If you like this – and you Glenn fans won't thank me for saying this – but Hot wire has some great songs on it too with Mel doing the vocal work!
    Cheers, Hackney

  • I'll give you thanks Hackney :D

    Hot Wire is a great album. "Midnight Flyer" is probably my favorite off of that album. They played that track on the radio a lot back in my high school days.

    The Hold On album with Pete Goalby is great also.



  • I've just been looking at some of the old threads on the site and came across a mention of John Ogden playing congas with Trapeze back in '74. There's a reference by Ad about a tape by the BBC which has Oggers on it. I work with him, and was just showing him his name up in lights on this site. He retires on March 17, and I would love to try and get him a copy of this recording.
    Can anyone help?

  • You can hear one full song here - What Is A Woman's Role - featuring John and taken from this particular BBC appearance in 1973. The quality isn't that great, but good enough :)

    Also, feel free to peruse the Trapeze - A Brief History page - if you happen to see any inaccuracies, do let me know, although I believe it's pretty accurate.

    Thanks again for all your info and do let the guys know that there are many appreciative fans here :thumbup: as you've seen.

    Perhaps someone can help hackney out with a copy of the show - I would, but it's still buried in a box somewhere after Shirean and I's Coast To Coast move last year :) Thanks folks.

  • Hey David , thank you so much for your reply. There's so much stuff on the brief history link, it really takes me back. I'll get Oggers to give it the once over, cos he's the real deal in terms of rock n roll history – particularly the Midlands scene of the 60s – 70s.
    Talk to you soon, Hackney

  • Hackney: Go find Hot Wire on Amazon and read the reviews – nuf sed!

  • While we are on the subject of Hot Wire, I note with some amusement that one of the out and out funkiest songs they ever did featured Mel on lead vocals; Feel It Inside. And I believe that when Trapeze performed their reunion shows in the early 90's, this song was sometimes performed.....perhaps someone out there who saw one of those shows will bear this fact out.

    Tracks like Midnight Flyer always make me flash on living in San Antonio....fond memories! And I can't hear Back Street Love without thinking of the late, great Joe Anthony; the self proclaimed Godfather of Rock N Roll and a fixture on 99.5 KISS on Saturday nights. I worked in the service bar of the Barn Door Restaurant and had my radio going all night.....the music he introduced me to on his free form show was just staggering! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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